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Baltimore cops caught on video beating suspect, officer suspended

A police officer in Baltimore is now in serious trouble for a beating that was caught on camera.  The officer has been suspended and the department is facing a $5 million dollar lawsuit after being caught beating a man in plain view.  One cop restrained the man and the other one watched as the suspect was being beaten.

The officers didn’t appear at the time to realize that a surveillance camera was catching their activity.

As a result of his part in the melee, Officer Vincent E. Cosom was placed on paid leave.   This was after video surfaced proving that he played a role in the beating.  The suit was filed by Kollin Truss, according to the Baltimore Sun.

The man was being beaten in front of his girlfriend, Stephanie Coleman at a bus stop in Baltimore.  The incident occurred at 1:40 am.

Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts said the video upset him greatly and has vowed to find justice for the victim.  But you have to ask, was he serious or was he only responding because the video had been seen by the public?

“Much like the public, I was shocked,” Batts said. “I’m outraged. I’m disgusted by what I saw by an employee of the Baltimore Police Department. Nothing that I saw on that video is defensible, nor should it be defensible. And most importantly it’s unacceptable and will not be tolerated within this organization.”


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7 thoughts on “Baltimore cops caught on video beating suspect, officer suspended

  1. MOBig

    Blacks continue to do what they’ve been doing for more than 50 YEARS.– deliberately provoking white officers. This is one is most likely a set-up confrontation so the poor, unemployed(?) black male can get himself a lawsuit. So typical in the black communities today.

    Blacks MUST have a homeland in America.

    • Tasha Powell

      Stfu you white people make me sick to my mother f’ing stomach. Always have some stupid to say. If you are a brother well Uncle Tom you are. Dumb as. I was going to respond to your post with my two masters degree mind but I said nawwwww. Let let speak like he understands. Dumb ass

  2. Joyjoy

    MOBIG – What a waste. I am going to give you a drop of credit for possibly being an educated man, but then on the other hand does why was this man beaten – he’s BLACK. With his girl at a bus stop and gets beat on the officers. You assume he is poor, that he has no job. Well have you thought that this man may have a bachelor’s or a master’s degree. Actions of other should not leave you to make racist comments.

  3. ericaf

    If the cops are black they will get fired and possibly do some time, if they’re white, don’t expect anything to happen. They’ll resign from one department and go to another and do the same thing over again because they can


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