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Speaking of Cosby – Remember when Bill Clinton was accused of rape?

by Ashley Naples

If Bill Cosby is guilty of raping women, there is no excuse for this behavior.   But in the middle of the public attacks on Cosby’s character, people are forgetting about the difference between what Cosby has definitely done vs. what he is alleged to have done.  With all of the women coming forward to accuse Cosby of rape, no charges have been filed, no arrests, and no convictions, leading people to wonder what this all really means.

There is also the subject of race.  Some may wonder if Cosby being a black man has anything to do with the many white women who’ve come forward to accuse him of being a predator.  Aren’t there also white men in Congress and other places who’ve been accused of doing things behind closed doors that they should not have done?  What’s happening to them?

Enter Juanita Broaddrick.  Since we’re on the topic of decades old allegations, this case may be of interest to those who feel that Bill Cosby is the only celebrity to have been accused of hurting women.  According to the Washington Post, Broaddrick says that she was sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton over 35 years ago.

In a 1999 article, Broaddrick detailed the allegations publicly, stating that she felt that no one would believe her.

The woman in Arkansas spoke to Dateline NBC about her experience with Clinton, all of which took place in a hotel room in Little Rock, Arkansas.  She gives a riveting account of how it all allegedly went down.

Clinton suddenly “turned me around and started kissing me, and that was a real shock. I first pushed him away. I just told him ‘no.’ . . . He tries to kiss me again. He starts biting on my lip. . . . And then he forced me down on the bed. I just was very frightened. I tried to get away from him. I told him ‘no.’ . . . He wouldn’t listen to me.”

All of this supposedly happened back in 1978 and she says she doesn’t remember the exact date.   Also, despite allegedly being assaulted by Clinton, she went to a fundraiser for him a few weeks later.

“I think I was still in denial,” Broaddrick said. “I still felt very guilty at that time, that it was my fault. By letting him come to the room, I had given him the wrong idea.”

The woman was identified as Jane Doe No. 5 by the authorities, meaning that there were at least four other women who’ve accused Clinton of doing terrible things to them.

Pressed by Myers as to whether she was raped, Broaddrick said she had been. “It was not consensual,” she insisted. As for her feelings now toward the president, Broaddrick said: “My hatred for him is overwhelming.”

NBC’s decision to broadcast the Jan. 20 interview after a month of heated internal debate dramatically boosts the visibility of Clinton’s latest accuser, since “Dateline” normally draws an audience of more than 10 million households. Broaddrick has already given her account of the alleged 1978 incident, when Clinton was Arkansas attorney general, to the Wall Street Journal editorial page, The Washington Post and, in an article published yesterday, the New York Times.

This all came out during a sexual harassment trial filed by Paula Jones.

You can read more about the allegations here.  

So, ask yourself:  Does white media go out of its way to protect white men accused of predatory behavior and then throw black men under the bus?  When Tiger Woods was villified for cheating on his wife, do you believe that he was the only celebrity to be doing this sort of thing behind closed doors?

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12 thoughts on “Speaking of Cosby – Remember when Bill Clinton was accused of rape?

  1. Debo

    I guess you have to ask yourself, when fifteen different women from 15 different walks of life tell similar events occurred in the presence of the same individual; then victim blaming just won’t do. There’s something quite disturbing about this individual and it can no longer be denied.

    This has nothing to do with race but it has all to do with predatory behavior. Get rid of the race card and deal with the circumstances. Statue of limitations are long over so these women aren’t looking to “sue him”, because they can’t. The allegations are damning, but remember; whatever is done in the dark comes to light…. 🙁

  2. marcus davis

    Heres the thing why do all these women wait decades after the fact to come forward with their accusations.Why didn’t they report these incidents as they accured all those years back?

    • Susan R.

      Marcus you need to study how raped women have been treated historically. They would not have been believed and their lives and reputations would be destroyed.. That’s why most women didn’t report rapes, especially by powerful, rich men. The typical legal tactic was to blame and vilify the victim publicly. The man almost always got off and the rape victim was figuratively speaking, raped over and over again by the press and society. Men who have been raped by other men are the only men
      who would truly understand and they are even less likely to report being raped because society treats them even worse in many ways.

    • Barbara

      These women are not just now coming forward. They came forward years ago! A lawsuit was filed against Cosby years ago, and he settled out of court. There was also another case of a Black woman who’s daughter claimed Cosby was her father and Cosby had to deal with that as well.

      Just because Bill Clinton is a rapist doesn’t mean that it’s ok for Cosby to rape too. Rape is WRONG, no matter who does it.

  3. Manwize

    Bill Cosby tried hard to buy NBC when it was up for sale but they constantly denied him. His son was murdered and the media said he was robbed. Later, people discovered Bill Cosby’s son, Ennis Cosby was still wearing a Rolex with $1,000 in his pocket and the keys left in the ignition of a luxury car. He was robbed, really? Later the killer confessed. Stop the transfer of his wealth with allegations. Herman Cain, Mike Vick and many others got allegations also.
    Ray Rice lost his spot in the NFL for domestic violence, when a federal court judge Mark Fuller was found guilty of domestic violence was not charged and still on the bench to judge the same crimes. What does that tell society?

  4. Abdulmalik Saafir

    When you’re in H. H. Home of the Playboys Club and you are a Bunny then the wolves and Fox have fair game. Most of these women worked in the Playboys Club. There are no moral valued intelligent women working inside of those clubs. They are there for a reason other than serving alcohol to their patrons. It was a Men Only establishment. Its funny no one asked where did all this take place? His home? Hotel? The women home? Whatever happen to that guy Woody who? and Mike who? and Bill who? and don’t leave out Ted who? The women can remember going to the rooms but cant remember after that? Whatever happen to Com- On- Sense!!….

    • Susan R.

      You seem to have lost your common sense as well. It’s because of people with your archaic male chauvinist pig attitude that women don’t report these things. How many women have you pretended you did not rape? With your self righteous bigoted attitude towards women, if you haven’t already, you’re a prime candidate to become a future date rapist.

  5. Sargento

    First it was Emmett Till, then it was OJ Simpson, then it was Michael Jackson, Bill Clinton and let us not forget Tiger Wood’s affairs. If you are a decent man, and want to change your image to bad, all you have to do is to do something good for your community (e.g. provide scholarships, write policies that would benefit a needy person, and to feed the poor), and you’ve just stepped on the toes of some powerful media person with money, that he can pay for a few attractive women (who want to be in the lime-light) from different walks of life, to tell a carefully crafted story about being victimized by you, and you’ve achieved your goal. Unless I have been there to witness such incidents, I will not judge, however, I know media propaganda when I see it.

  6. childofthesixties

    I find it hard to believe he raped all of these White women when they were little more than trailer trash! I think he had sex with them and promised a bunch of BS that he knew he was not going to follow thru on and we all know a White woman’s favorite word “rape” when things don’t go as planned with them. Bill did not follow thru and this is the price he is paying today for being a Whoremonger while married! Listening to all of the women, these were not the type of women you had to rape, if they thought you had something big time to offer them!! Since I worked around them before retiring, I have watched many a White woman screw her way to the top and they don’t care who knows it!! I just hope they all looked better in their youth than they do today, if not, truly shame on you Bill Cosby!!

  7. Deborah

    I am glad the author of this article points out that: “If Bill Cosby is guilty of raping women, there is no excuse for this behavior.”

    I don’t think using other cases as a comparison really hits the point here. We have several women who are making allegations that are fairly consistent. So the message is pretty simple for Bill Cosby; come forward and give a reasonable explanation for this! Simple! If he has nothing to hide then surely he must have a sensible explanation for this. That is all he has to do.

    Naples brings up the issue of race in this article. Now whilst I agree that white media has an obvious bias, I do not think that the issue of race should be used to overshadow the whole case. Let Cosby come forward and explain himself. That is all we need. If he has credible proof that clears his name, then it will be appropriate to start looking at the issue of race and rape accusations. However, using it at this point without any definite proof that Cosby is innocent can obscure the fact that women all around the world keep silent about rape simply because they fear a negative reaction. In America, this is particularly true for women of colour. Don’t forget that, either.

    So whilst no one with common sense will support flase allegations of rape, I will not protect anyone of any colour if they cannot come up with a good defence against these sorts of accusations.


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