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Stacey Dash says blacks are uneducated and worthless under Obama

Stacey Dash is best known for starring in a 1990s film called “Clueless.”  Some people think that this might be a good way to define her political ideology, especially after some of the interesting comments she’s made.  Dash, perhaps meaning well, described black people as being uneducated and worthless under President Obama.  Somehow, she seems to feel that they would be better off under Bush, but it appears that black people are going to be left behind in nearly any administration until they are able to fight for their rights.

In a recent appearance on Fox, Dash also shared her expertise on the Ebola virus, giving opinions on what medical experts need to do about the scary disease.  Maybe instead of using scientists who went to school for more than a decade, they should save money and just hire Stacey Dash to run the organization.

Here’s more:

Stacey Dash is certainly no stranger to controversy. Dash’s latest controversial comments come amid a growing Ebola scare here in the United States. The former Clueless actress wants the United States to set up special “Ebola centers” setup in every city in this country.

Stacey made the comments during an appearance on Fox News. According to UPI, Stacey added she didn’t believe they should be letting people to into regular hospitals if they have Ebola. Dash believes regular hospitals are far too likely to allow the disease to spread.

Stacey Dash has a talk show on the right leaning network, and it was here where Stacey made her views known. Dash was hosting Outnumbered, where she and co-panelist Harris Faulkner were talking about the ways the U.S. was falling short of dealing with an outbreak. The U.S. has seen four people come down with the disease and the first U.S. citizen just died.

In addition to wanting these specialized Ebola centers, the panelists said it was finally time for the United States to have an official point person in the Surgeon General. Neither Dash nor Faulkner pointed out the Republicans has been holding up President Obama’s nominee for the position for several months. Stacey and her cohorts did acknowledge this was no longer a political issue and a Surgeon General needs to be confirmed before the situation worsens.

READ MORE via Stacey Dash Wants United States To Establish Special ‘Ebola Centers’ In Every City.




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66 thoughts on “Stacey Dash says blacks are uneducated and worthless under Obama

  1. Peter D. Slaughter

    As usual not surprised. I guess she is busy shoe shining and tap dancing to keep working in phony Hollywood to not have any real time to study her own afrikan,black history.

  2. Jimmie Ware

    Stacy Dash is a washed up has been, who is trying to stay relevant. No one cares what she thinks. She should do her homework before making ignorant and even racist statements.

    • Roy

      Amen Amen, until all the dumb (S) coming out of her mouth, I hadn’t heard anything from her. She’s played out,but she still look good.

  3. James R.

    So, these statements you made about being uneducated and worthless, as a black person under President. Obama, does this includes you. I have seen many black people who are educate and trying, does that include them. Why not inspire who you can, and show them the way, if they are on the wrong track.

  4. Louis

    This is nothing new readers, we always have those Uncle Tom Slave mentality thinking Blacks. They had her kind during the Slavery times when they were snitching to the Slave Maters land handler that Black Slaves ran of the Plantation trying to seek their freedom. Stacey Dash is that negative person living in the “2014” era.

    • Israeline Yah

      Louis I am sure you know that the 2014 slaves are more prevelant. They not only
      kiss the feet, but the upper extremeties. For example, those that goes out on a daily basis and stalk their hard working sister and brothers at the instructions of the “government”. The same ones they stalk are the same ones that stood on the front line in Alabama and got sprayed with high powered water and bitten by police german shepard dogs so that they could get a job. Yes they are trained to stalk high paid atheletes, entertainers, politicians, wealthy black minorities and aggressive business owners, et anos. They train attorneys who not to help. This is why so many innocent minorities are sitting in prison for many years. Minorities are used by the adversary to mock those who are working in the ministry of God Almighty. They send women on weak men in the ministry and any other targeted individual. Lust is the number 1 bait. We are leaning into something that is our deadly enemy. Pray! Prey! Prayer brings down the good and put the evil out of business. This is why prayer is taken out of the schools. Parents train your children to pray. Teach your children that they can pray with their mouths closed, but to always leave the heart open to the GOOD. Give no place to evil.
      Step into God Almighty’s dressing room as often as possible. Those who have ears to hear, please hear what the SPIRIT of God Almighty is telling us. Peace.

  5. Vernon Byron

    Stacy WHO? She was cast in an irrelevant show named “CLUELESS”, apparently “typecasting OR TRUE casting, and NOW, she is cast in the role as an irrelevant talk show host on an equally irrelevant network! Ms. Dash has no training or education that I can find in politics, public policy, medicine, history, etc. She is just a paid, albeit attractive, and obstensibly Black, ignorant and right-wing slanted “talking head”! To assist Ms. Dash with her studies in politics and medicine I offer this: opinions are like body parts -all of us have them, BUT, it is one thing to be ignorant, wrong, and damaging to your race but be silent so no one knows how ignorant and wrong you are! It’s another thing to get on TV, open your mouth, and remove all doubt as to how ignorant you are! My question for her is, “WHERE were YOU for the 8 years before President Obama when we had Bush and Cheney?” We were better off then???

  6. Corbin

    Okay, let’s stop bashing Ms. Dash. Has ANYONE come up with a solution?? Most blacks were not even concerned about Ebola when it was contained in Africa. Now that Obama has permitted the Ebola virus to enter the United States, everyone is in an uproar. How uncaring. How selfish. When the Ebola virus enters your state, you are going to wish that Ms. Dash’s idea had come to fruition. I am ready for Dr. Carson to take the reigns. I am very interested in his ideas and I am more than certain that he can/ will handle this situation much better than President Obama. No disrespect intended. It is just time for different ideas. None seems to be working so far.

    • Joe

      Several points to make here, first I would like to address this focus on black people. Obama is black(probably), but he is more importantly American. His responsibility is to the nation, not black people. So this belief that as a fellow black man he should be catering to his ethnicity is illogical not to mention unwise, especially given the scrutiny his administration is currently under. Secondly its wrong to say that “blacks” weren’t concerned when ebola was in Africa when in fact most Americans in general weren’t concerned. This can be attributed to both ignorance as well as the fact that we’re NOT AFRICAN. I am African-American. I was born here. My family is here. I was well aware of the first ebola outbreak and while I was saddened by the chaos I was overwhelmingly relieved that it wasn’t here where my loved ones are. I do not believe that is selfish. Furthermore, stacy dash’s plan if definitely overdoing it. There have been four(maybe more now) known cases of ebola, 3 of which were in the same state. To put an “ebola center” in every city in the country, whether they’re new structures or repurposed, would be a GROSS misappropriation of government resources. According to the cdc, on average most ebola victims left unchecked spread the disease to up to two people before succumbing to it themselves. Comepare that to the measles,which has a much higher average of EIGHTEEN and you begin to see how this may have been blown out of proportion. Mind you, these statistics are based on countries with far worse infrastructures then ours. With our health system, not to mention the extremely swift passage of information(twitter, facebook, the internet in general), an ebola epidemic would actually be fairly difficult to facilitate. This ebola scare is born of ignorance. This is NOT contagion, outbreak or 28 days later. When the number of infected can be counted on one hand for a nation of millions, i simply dont see how anyone could be coming up with any real plans for anything. You dont need any lol fearmongering at its finest, dont believe the hype.

    • Craig

      So Obama allowed Ebola to enter the US. So tell me, how was he supposed to prevent it. A man boards a plane with no visible effects of the disease, land in the US and somehow that’s the President fault? Brilliant assessment on your part!!

    • Poeticlovelife

      Corbin, you are the problem and will never be the solution because of your racist perspective. You need some diversity training. All Blacks are not the same person, and Ebola has been a serious issue in Africa for quite some time. The recent crisis stems from that fact that our racist government does not care to assist in the critical situation there because the country of Africa (the regional origin of all people) consists of Black people.

      Your bigoted remark about President Obama, “Now that Obama has permitted the Ebola virus to enter the United States, everyone is in an uproar.”, wields wealthy doses of racism, ignorance and intolerance. Contrary to your partiality, since you judge people based upon their ethnicity, this man happens to be a highly qualified and educated individual that was elected to run this country. He is not employed by airport security and allowing Ebola-infected passengers to enter this country.

      Finally, your comment stating that “it is time for new ideas” is your failed attempt at eluding to the fact that the president does not have good ideas. He entered the office with several new ideas for change that Republicans rejected because of the color of his skin, even though he walked into a montage of problems created by George Bush’s administration.

      I am truly saddened by your ranting. You, and people who think like you, are the reason that stereotypes and racism still exist in this world. Grow…Change..Evolve. It is time. Stop judging people based on rhetoric that you have learned and what you THINK you see.

      Just so you know, Black people did not invent racism, ignorant White people did. Negative words, such as the N-Word, have never been acceptable; only tolerated. These words were created to demean Blacks who were abducted from their own homeland to perform free labor for ignorant Whites who felt superior enough to commit such a bigoted act. Racial slurs were acceptable in the past to the ill-bred people who created the language but not to the ones who had the unfortunate pleasure to experience it. It isn’t now, and will never ever be, an acceptable form of communication from any race. Rappers use the N-Word as slang to let the past know that it doesn’t keep them from moving forward, even though it was created to do just that prior to the Civil Rights Movement. Education is the key to denounce stereotypes, not pointing fingers. Every person with the capacity to breath deserves respect.

  7. Veronica

    No pun intended but Ms. Dash is quite clueless.
    She epitomizes the type of American African that was not taught her true history but chooses to espouse the ridiculous belief that assimilation and denial of her own should somehow make her more acceptable to the white group.

  8. James Alexander

    ” Now that Obama has permitted the Ebola virus to enter the United States”
    Are you totally crazy or just totally ignorant? Your statement is far stupider than Dash’s. If you’re so high on Ben Carson, let’s see what he can do to stop Ebola, being a doctor and all. This is why Republicans will never occupy the Oval Office again; because the majority of voters finally realized how stupid you all are. If Blacks are uneducated and worthless it happened long before Obama got in office

    • GWHIZ

      I just wonder where the good Dr. (Carson) is with his take on how we can best avert this problem. Has anybody heard from him since the outbreak? Is he on vacation? Ask Corbin. He might know where Ben is. And BTW, what is Stacys’ nationality? I know her mother is Sarah Dash, but who is her father? She sounds like Raven Simone, just from another “crooked” angle. WE should not even give her lip service.

  9. Charles Lee Sanders

    Just look at her…she LOOKS like a DAMN SCANDAL…..and SCANDALS have the appearance of SLUT PUPPETS….This shit’s here’s a NO BRAINHER (no pun intended…ha, ha)

  10. Sarah

    She wants the job so she could steal millions of dollars and kill alot of people by telling them to jump off a bridge because she thinks that they have the disease. Stacy, you are so dumb that if I ask you what’s the color of your eyes, you.wouldn’t know.

  11. helen

    I just wonder how much it costs to denigrate your own culture to be on Fox TV? This poor child is suffering an identity crisis. I would think that since she is so educated she would have learned not to dress like a Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm look-a-like. Hollywood didn’t want you so you ran to a racist station to spew a lot of bovine fecal matter that you couldn’t clean up if Fox offered you a raise. You, Stacy, needs to get your mind right and face the truth. Just remember Stacey, you are one of those uneducated, worthless, black people, regardless to how much is paying you. If that light ever comes on in your head and realize you made an ass out of yourself and would like to retract your asinine comments, Your Fox and Friends will throw you under the first bus smoking, little girl.

  12. Gwendolyn

    Stacey should delegate her self for the task she is Puff Puffing about. .. Action speaks louder than what she is saying …. Also Stacey be a mentor. She can open up some centers her self since she says quote blacks are “Uneducated”.

  13. Antonio

    To all black republicans: when you stand before another race and degrade your own race, what do you think they think of you.

  14. Ruby Gaston

    Stacey Dash was not just playing a part, she is still clueless. As the saying goes, “common sense is not so common anymore”.

  15. James

    Ms. Dash had s great suggestion in my opinion. Currently there’s but 4 locations designated to handle such situations. They are not for the masses but for one or two persons who have a serious disease. If we have an epidemic, you absolutely would want a large specialized facility in or near each major city!

    Additionally she was correct, you can not use a regular hospital, they are not equipped and can’t be retrofitted! It’s well known germs and viruses are passed from person to person very freely in a hospital.

    I question the language used by Ms. Dash, however uninformed people , skin color not withstanding, do not know they are uninformed and have low or inadequate information.

    If you contract Ebola ypou have a 70% chance of death!

    ( Bioethicist: 10 things America needs to do about Ebola)

    Ms Dash, like or dislike her was more right then wrong.

  16. mk

    I wonder if she will and others will even have a job after Pres. Obamas out of office i would like to bet Hell No She wont have one….i hear shes dating a lil white kid in his 20s i guess everyone else has been through that Hollywood Tunnel By now Huh?

  17. Juandero

    You can always tell a house negroe when they always take the time to trash their own people all for the man made glory of white supremacy. Although I’m not an Obama supporter, because I’m anti political and against all politicians, I take offense of such a stupid comment from a woman who should be reminded that she is black even if she biracial or whatever she claims to be.Its these kinds of so called black people that is the sole reason why we as a people will never unify as a race because they always loving the oppressors and hating the oppress.

  18. ericaf

    How educated is Stacy Dash anyway? By all accounts, she’s been an actress since she was a teenager, but I have never heard about her graduating from any high school or college like some of her acting colleagues. And I really don’t have the time to Google or get on Wikipedia to find out

  19. patricia taylor

    let me say Dash is just as clueless as that old stupid movie. she thinks she is white and
    she believes crackers when they tell her that. she don’t consider herself black and NEVER HAVE.
    i have NEVER, EVER liked her acting or personality…she has the slave master syndrome=uncle thom. she is on fox-news where she should be. she is the dumbest uncle tom, ass-kissing, no educated so called Black person n Captivity.

  20. Stew913

    Corbin, i have to disagree with you. How does President Obama permitted the Ebola into the US. When the gentleman came from Africa he had not signs of the sickness. He was screen at the airport and was free to go. It not until he got here he got sick. He is the only one know if he was sick or not. Now you are making the President look like a mind reader. People say some crazy shyt sometime. Before you open your mouth and get the facts.

    As to Ms. Dash they will you like a dust rag until they feel they have not use for you then you will be throw into the trash can where you belong. It only a matter of time. Plus how educated are you Ms. Dash?

    • William

      I love , I love it, I love that comment. She’ll eventually be shown the truth about how white America feels about us, to include HER!

  21. elle

    Stacey Dash needs to shut her beautiful, over-privileged stupid air-headed re-unclethomlican a** up. Some of these wigroes get a hold of a little money and suddenly morph into a bunch of mitches and miss anns. The only people who are uneducated and ignorant under Mr. Obama are those who listen to Faux News and other liars of the RethugliKKKan party.

  22. Jen Dalor

    She is an airhead and is trying to appease the racist Fox audience. Obviously her ex who it was reported used to physically abuse her, did not do a good enough job.

  23. gigi

    Although anyone can see there are well educated black people, i.e.Neil DeGrasse Tyson, the vast majority are not. I’ve seen young, strong, smart, beautiful black men dealing drugs, stealing or belong to gangs, I’ve seen good hearted black mothers poisoned with religious fanatism and young attractive black girls getting pregnant at a very young age from different men just to be tossed away and left on their own to fend for many babies. This may happen to every race but that won’t appease the problem for black people. Closing your eyes to the truth won’t do any good to your people, accepting reality and work on it will.

  24. ray

    Telling the truth. Every body is trying to bash this woman when in fact, she is telling the truth. The truth is a hard pill to swallow sometimes.
    Before any body reply to me statement make sure you have your head in the game.
    I am an American. So if you come over here with that uncle tom shit.i will prove you are more of a uncle tom than me.
    The woman is right! . Deal with it.

  25. Deborah

    Stacey Dash is perfectly entitled to her own opinions. I am also entitled to disagree with her. I am not sure what she was doing on Fox News, but I guess we can’t really question that decision given the network we are dealing with. No comments here, really- although I love that little sarcastic jibe in the article about her opinions on ebola, LOL! I don’t quite understand how she came to the conclusion that black people are “uneducated” under Obama since black folks are in education up and down the country. What does she define as “uneducated”? Does that mean disagreeing with her point of view? As far as I can see, no black person- or any American for that matter- is obliged to agree with Stacey Dash on what is best for this country. If she has an issue with President Obama, then she should explain this in logical terms. Extending her opinion to insult the intelligence of black people is not only insulting, but completely ridiculous.

    Yes, she can say what she wants freely. I support her right to do so. But she should show a little more courtesy to others.

  26. Mark

    Completely ignoring the fact that she’s was a Democrat who supported Obama’s first term. By his second run, she switched parties. Seems rather telling of the failed presidency….

    Talk about Clueless… this article has to have been the worst ignorant diatribe I’ve been exposed to in quite a while.


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