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‘Star Trek’ actress Nichelle Nichols detained at Los Angeles airport after companion found with meth: report

If only Scotty could have beamed Nichelle Nichols out of this incident.

The “Star Trek” actress, who played Lt. Uhura on the classic 1960s TV series, was stopped at Los Angeles International airport on Friday after meth fell out of her traveling companion’s suitcase, TMZ reports.

Law enforcement sources told the site that the 81-year-old Nichols and her twentysomething male companion were at the American Airlines terminal when the man’s suitcase fell open, revealing a bag of meth.

Even though the suitcase reportedly had the actress’ name and luggage tags on it, she was determined to have no knowledge of the drugs and allowed to board her flight.

But her companion wasn’t as lucky, with the site reporting that he was arrested for drug possession.

Nicholas’ rep told TMZ that the young man traveling with her was her assistant, and that it was an e-cigarette, not meth, that was discovered in his luggage.




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