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Study claims that Black Men In ATL Have a 60 Percent Chance of Acquiring HIV Before Age 30

Reported by Kacie Whaley

A nonprofit organization in metro-Atlanta is making sure that men in the area who are in danger of developing poor health and/or contracting illnesses are provided with the support they need.

The Health Institute for Men (HIM) was founded in 2012 but became a nonprofit in 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia.  The grassroots service vows to assist men (many of whom are African-American) in the city whose health may be at risk, which may include men who have been incarcerated, are homeless, or are in situations that may expose them to viruses such as HIV, according to Atlanta Blackstar.  The organization’s services include educating local men on how to maintain a healthy se×ual lifestyle, provide counseling, coaching, dispersing free cοndοms, and assisting men’s families with these services as well.

“The reaction has been positive to what we’re doing, and because the need for men’s supportive health services is significant, I think it hasn’t taken a lot of convincing,” said Executive Director of HIM Walker Tisdale III. “Even large health agencies like AIDS Healthcare Foundation have supported us from the start with cοndοms and HIV literature when our supplies were nonexistent. Plus, we’ve heard from public health leaders in all surrounding counties about possible future collaborations.”

In an interview with Atlanta Blackstar’s S.C. Rhyne, Tisdale further explains the work of HIM.  “The focus of our work is to support all men and service providers working with vulnerable men to better provide culturally relevant mental health service, appropriate infectious disease care and other evidence-based health interventions, said Tisdale.  “As an institute, we are up to this challenge because in 2014, we must.”

And, according to health statistics, the attention that HIM is providing to adult males really is needed.  In March 2014, Aidsmed.com concluded that based on the amount of black Atlanta men who are contracting HIV, a se×ually active black man who starts to sleep with other people at 18-years-old has a 60% chance of contracting HIV before he turns 30.

The study doesn’t indicate the difference between heterosexual and homosexual men, so this may be a determining factor.

Dr Boyce Watkins, who is concerned about health disparities in the African American community, says that no matter what the true data says, the magnitude of these statistics is what should cause the most concern.

“I am not 100% sure about how precise this data is, but even if they are off by 50%, it’s still alarming,” said Dr. Watkins, author of the book, “The 8 Principles of Black Male Empowerment.” “When you have so many black men in the criminal justice system coming out and having sex with both men and women, this is what you would expect to see.  Also, many black men don’t have access to adequate healthcare and are being inundated with messages from radio stations encouraging them to be promiscious and sexually irresponsible.  So, a lot of brothers are getting infected, they are infecting others, and they may not even know they are sick until they reach their death bed.”

Tisdale went on to discuss that when he realized that health services for black and minority men in the U.S. were unequal, he felt he had no choice but to become involved with HIM.

“As an African-American male who has worked for health departments in Detroit, Chicago and New York and even seven years at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, I know firsthand how devastating Black men’s health disparities have been in this country,” explained Tisdale.  “It took an assignment on behalf of CDC to Uganda about 10 years ago for me to realize exactly how primitive public health services were in Uganda compared to the USA, especially given the funding disparities. The U.S. budget for HIV prevention and care is equal to the GDP of several African countries. And yet, public health disparities for Black and other minority males are endemic in the USA. It was when I returned to the USA from Uganda that I knew one day I’d leave government service and get back to the community.”

HIM is throwing a fundraising event on November 6th at DMARC Cafe in Tucker, Georgia.  The money will go toward purchasing an improved location for HIM to operate.

You can donate to HIM here.

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23 thoughts on “Study claims that Black Men In ATL Have a 60 Percent Chance of Acquiring HIV Before Age 30

  1. Tiamette

    Given the number of DL brothers and the constant bed hopping and baby mama dramas, I can fully understand how this is happening. There is also this persistent delusion that HIV is a gay, white disease. AA men and women seem to have lowered the moral standards of decent behavior and either aren’t aware of how to prevent being affected by this disease or are just plain ignorant or stupid. Protection is something that people have a severe aversion to.

  2. tony

    Blacks just need to have more morals. This need to be taught in the churches. After all, sex outside of marriage and homosexuality is a sin.

  3. Diva

    It doesn’t matter if it’s a sin or not; they’re doing it anyway; people who grew up in the church and outside of it. I agree in teaching morals but I also believe in teaching preparedness, consequences, and reality: You WILL catch a disease if you are out here being promiscuous, and you will have NO ONE to blame but YOURSELF if you don’t educate and protect yourself. And I believe the mind and the body are connected, so first get your MIND right, and your BODY will thank you!

  4. Jarilyn Ashley

    Men in general don’t go to the doctor regularly. A lot of men in Atlanta have families and full fledge boyfriends. When it comes to these types of reports I feel that there in a lot of inaccuracy especially when homosexuality wasn’t looked at BC that plays a MAJOR part. So it’s not about “blacks” raising their standards or whatever I see some of these people saying. ALL MEN need to be educated on the importance of regular check ups and protecting themselves and their partners.

  5. lisa marie

    Factors, ststistics, blazay blah. Bottom line, grown men need to stop cheating on their wives and poking everything with a heartbeat. Young black men need to find a hobby besides getting coochie. They been the oversexed buck since they been on the plantation. I have yet to see any other minority breed like roaches and dislerse their seed around the planet indiscriminately.

  6. SayWhat

    Great attempt at outreach, but until you can get that same population to address lifestyle and irresponsible behavior, you’ll get the same results. The DL in ATL is real — solve that and reduce risk of the predicted statistics addressed in this article. IJS

  7. Mary D

    will the black community stop with this ignorance already —its not a gay thing or DL —they are referring to straight young men screwing around like crazy and failing to wear a condom—trying to tell you a unwanted pregnancy is not the only thing that can happen!!! africa has crazy HIV/ Aids rates….and its happening here too because this community thinks of it as a gay/ DL problem…news flash …why is gay white/ white community faring better…discerning choices in partners & condoms!!!!

    Get it together….all it takes is one time with the wrong person….and theres no way to tell whose got it!


    MEN- if it being given away all over town–you might think again about getting your share…stop trying to screw everything that moves

    WOMEN – anyone that refuses to wear one or make efforts to honestly keep it on—doesnt really care about you or himself —yet yr giving him some—have some dignity!

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  10. Rick

    1st im frm Atlanta Ga and it’s a lot of DL Men every where and over half of the gay populaton are not Truely from Atlanta, So can people stop saying tha the men in the ATL are gay or on the down low. I talk to people everyday and the one thing im always asked are you from here?, when i say yes the response is almost always Wow i dont meet may people from here. So pleas stop Saying that the men from atlanta are gay. I think we need to Educate Men and Women, i read a comment that said men need to stop sleeping around on there ladies we’ll you know that go both ways Women Cheat just as much as men do. So let’s Eduacate Men and Women all over the Country.

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  14. Kiyoko Essley

    Wow! This is a pic of My Husband (who is over 30) and our son. How did it get placed on this article?? Taken in NYC and, we are from California… So, how do I contact the Editor of this article??

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