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Suspect In Philly Kidnapping Also Held Wife, Teen Captive

Delvin Barnes, the man accused of abducting Carlesha Freeland-Gaither off a Philadelphia street, has an extensive criminal history, including one incident in which he held his estranged wife captive, according to court documents. Police said the “vicious predator” is also a suspect in the abduction and rape of a Virginia teenager.

Barnes, 37, was arrested along the side of a road in Jessup, Maryland, Wednesday, officials said. Freeland-Gaither, the nurse’s aide he allegedly kidnapped Sunday, was rescued from his car at the same location and taken to a nearby hospital in Columbia, Maryland.

Barnes, who has ties to Philadelphia and Virginia, is being held on a bench warrant out of Virginia for alleged capital attempted murder in Charles City County. He will be charged federally in connection to Freeland-Gaither’s kidnapping, police said.

Delvin Barnes’ uncle Lamar Barnes told NBC10 his nephew’s father is a minister and he was raised by good parents. Despite this, he also told NBC10 he isn’t “necessarily surprised” by the allegations against his nephew.

“Some men grew up having problems with women, so they take it out on women,” Barnes said. “Apparently, he’s one of them.”

Court documents reveal Barnes has a lengthy criminal history, including an incident several years ago in which he was accused of holding his estranged wife captive inside her Philadelphia home.




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