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TD Jakes gets into Instagram fight over his diamond ring

Bishop TD Jakes is one of the most famous megapastors in the country, and also one of the richest.   People don’t normally have the courage to question him in public, but social media gives everyone a voice, and sometimes, people do take the time to respond.

Jakes was asked by a critic whether the diamond ring he was wearing in Instagram was real or not.  For some reason, this became the topic of conversation, rather than the meaning of the spiritual message that Jakes is seeking to share with the public.

“I didn’t know that preachers wear diamond rings, preachers are supposed to be humble Like Jesus was and preach the real truth. You are not even close being like Jesus, you flash your ring, but the truth is you say you know God but do you really. God wouldn’t flash Jewelry around you really need to read your Bible. Acts 2:38 everything in the Bible is the truth, people need to open their eyes and read there Bible not listen to the things you want them to hear. Their BLOOD is on you @bishopjakes The things you say is sad you teach what you think they need to hear, But do you teach on how the Hair is a women’s Glory no you teach what you want them to hear. Man I feel sorry for you on judgment day. The Blood that is on your Hands, all these people that will burn in Hell with you and they will say WHY ??????? JOHN 8:47”

You can read what he had to say here:



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12 thoughts on “TD Jakes gets into Instagram fight over his diamond ring

    • Kimberly Hutchins

      Romans 10:9 & 10 – If we confess that Jesus as lord and believe in our hearts that God raised him from the dead we shall be saved. For with the heart man believes unto righteousness and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.
      Repent of your sins and be baptized in the name of Jesus.

  1. phoenyx

    These preachers are jokes and the people who follow them are bigger jokes. How can you praise a man who dresses better and eats better than u. They live in mansions and the average follow er can’t even imagine. Would be open his door to me if I got pass the gates and the security to me if I were hungry. Hell naw that fat black n****r, would call the cops and say I was trespassing.

    • Kimberly Hutchins

      First of all, we don’t praise man, we praise God! We glorify God we honor Him, we lift Him up because he is worthy. Who do you glorify. It is supposed to be God. Reading the bible will help you tremendously. If you don’t know the word then you are lost and will never understand the message of the cross. We don’t follow preachers. If the preacher is not teaching what the bible says then yes, people should know through reading their own bible that this preacher is not right. But if you are trying to tell me that you are at odds because of how a preacher is blessed by God for wearing certain things then you need to be quiet. You don’t have a clue what believers are supposed to do or follow. God’s word promises us blessings. Why then shouldn’t we expect to receive them? And not just when we get to heaven! Doesn’t his word say ask and ye shall receive? yup! Doesn’t it say in Psa 84:11 The Lord is a sun and shield. He gives grace and glory. No good thing will he withhold from those who walk uprightly. yup! So why is it that people who deny that Christ is Lord will attempt to tell us believers what we should and should not have when It is clear in the word what God says that we can!? Answer.

  2. Richard

    Yea you guys are so right but lets not forget Bill Gates, but Im sure you own a cpu or lp. Every rapper, rock star, r&b singer lives in mansions that you pay for but you still buy their music and attend their concerts. The owners of walmart are billionairs but you still shop there and every major clothing designer lives very well off your backs too. Now how many of you have ate with Bill Gates, Jay Z, Kid Rock, etc and lets see you try to get close to one of them, you’ll find your self in the ER will great bodily harm…so whats your real points?

  3. Larry

    Why do you keep comparing these mega preachers to rap stars. Unless you are comparing the ignorance of excess, stop doing it. These guys are supposed to be leaders following Biblical example. But they pick and choose the passage they want to cover for their obvious shortcomings. If your pockets are full of peoples money and you like giant diamonds—say so and be honest! At least the rap stars do not make excuses for their excesses.

    • Kimberly Hutchins

      Why shouldn’t God’s people be blessed. The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof! Since all the earth belongs to the Lord, why wouldn’t you believe that I am not entitled to wear beautiful things and have some of the riches that He blesses me with. Being now joint heirs with Christ into the family of God through repentance of my sins I received salvation through Christ. The difference between TD Jakes and you is that he has the God given understanding that when God blesses, he has the since to say “Lord, I thank you for all of your many blessings. I thank you for your provisions and for bringing me out of poverty into prosperity” What have you thanked Him for lately? Better still, have you ever done so or do you know know that the word commands us to do that? If you don’t then your most assuredly are not aware of the scripture that states “touch not my anointed an do do my prophet no harm! When the Lord spoke to Saul on his way to Tarsus to persecute christians, he didn’t ask Saul “why are you persecuting my people. He asked him “why are you persecuting ME” So you need to understand that you are bringing judgement upon your own head when you speak against Gods anointed ones who are able to usher you into life eternal and deliver your soul from hell.

  4. Kimberly Hutchins

    I really don’t know what the problem with how someone can criticize TD Jakes for wearing a diamond ring. Abraham was rich, as was his nephew Lot. So rich that they had to split company due to so many livestock etc, Job was rich and in the end after all of his sufferings, became twice as rich after God blessed him “FOR HIS FAITHFULNESS” Solomon, King David, and many other of Gods anointed ones were rich! In his word he states that the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous so why is it that sinners actually believe that saints of the MOST HIGH are supposed to be poor and pitiful. I believe that If I was poor and pitiful, a sinner should wonder why he should want to serve my God. But the contrary, God continuously blesses me and I am not ashamed to show it. When I can get my jaguar, God willing, I will drive it and glorify Him all the more for it. Pay your tithes and give offerings unto the Lord’s house. (You need to really pray for God to show you where you need to worship)

  5. Debbie Bee

    Preaching and policing, two occupations that are to help people, yet the practioneers act above the law, and answer to no one. Yet both groups expect the people to respect them, and disregard any wrongdoing.


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