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Circumcision being pushed to African men as a way to stop HIV/AIDS transmission

One problem in the country of Mozambique is the spread of HIV/AIDS.  It appears that male circumcision is being laid out as a way to stop the fast spread of the disease.  As a result, thousands of young males in the country are getting the procedure done in order to keep themselves healthier and safer than they would have been otherwise.

The government appears to be behind the initiative, and is encouraging its citizens to undergo the procedure for public safety reasons.   According to the most recent data, 11.5 percent of all adults aged 15 to 49 have the disease.  It is the US National Institutes of Health that has suggested that circumcision may help with the spread.

The goal of the country is to get 80% of all men between the ages of 18 and 49 to get the procedure.   It appears that the public is listening, and people are getting on-board with the process.  Let’s also hope that the country is getting access to the best treatments as well.

Experts say that Mozambique’s circumcision campaign has been well received among the public. They note that the strong participation rates are indicative of the way that more Mozambican men are being proactive about their own health and taking responsibility for their sexual behavior. Traditionally, in Mozambique as well as many other parts of the world where HIV is prevalent, it’s been common for men and boys to demonstrate their toughness and their masculinity by engaging in unsafe sex and steering clear of medical treatment, according to a 2007 WHO report.




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5 thoughts on “Circumcision being pushed to African men as a way to stop HIV/AIDS transmission

  1. Debo

    That’s a good thing. My brother claimed he had to get the procedure late in life, so a lot of men are going through the same thing.

  2. Regina

    Condoms do not do the job. Abstinence is the only way to avoid STD. Meghann, based on your post, your parents never had that real talk about sex or did you not learn anything?

    I have never seen condoms cover the scrotum of the man having sex. In case you did not know HIV infested vaginal secretions can also transmit HIV when the scrotum and testicles contact the vagina.

  3. SVI

    They’re literally luring boys to have surgery on their genitals, using circumcised-only sports teams.

    90% of Africa is already cut and has the worst HIV epidemic, meanwhile South America has low condom use and still lower STD rates than the US.

    This isn’t about health. This is about profit. They’ve sold circumcision as a cure for everything from epilepsy to blindness. Historically, it was always intended to reduce sensation.

    The false sense of security generated by this practice is leading to more risky behavior – why would men give up sensitivity (even when masturbating), only to still use a condom for sex? They’re thinking, “I already got surgery, I shouldn’t have to wear a condom too.”

    Male Circumcision and the HIV Myth:



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