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This black woman has more gold medals than any American gymnast in history

Reported by Liku Zelleke

The energetic and talented Simone Biles has become the record holder for the American woman with the most gold medals to her name. She earned the title after winning her sixth medal at the World Championships in Nanning, China.

The 17-year-old gymnastics star from Spring, Texas, bagged her last two gold medals (on the balance beam and floor) during the final day of the competition that is held every year. She had earlier won two medals in the team and all-around categories.

The remaining two medals were earned for coming in first in all-around and floor while competing in last year’s championships that were held in Antwerp, Belgium.

Biles is also the first American woman to win five medals at a single world championship – she had also taken the silver medal in this year’s vault final.

The record for the American woman with the most gold medals was previously held by Shannon Miller who had managed to win nine medals in total, five of which were gold.

All through the tournament week, Biles performed routines with extra strength and dexterity as she glided past her competitions. Her closest rival, Romania’s Larisa Iordache, couldn’t overcome her and the well-deserved victory went to Biles.

So far, Biles has a total of nine medals on par with gymnasts Miller and Nastia Liukin. Only one gymnast, Alicia Sacramone, has won more – she has ten over the span of her career. But it looks like Biles will very soon be overtaking that record too as she has managed to collect her trophies in just two world championships.

Biles showed a performance that wowed everyone – the judges, the crowd and viewers across the world. Even her teammates were impressed: they said that the only time she seemed to be remotely beatable was when a bee approached her after being attracted by a bouquet of flowers she was holding while standing on a podium.

What a superstar.

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9 thoughts on “This black woman has more gold medals than any American gymnast in history

  1. Raymond Murphy Sr.

    Simply put. It is not his history. If he cannot own it or steal it. He will ignore it. It is a common disease that only
    this race has.

  2. Quietstorm897

    You know pretty soon they will start calling her a monkey; saying she is doing something unreal or un-human. That will be from the jealous white people of course.

  3. walter mayo

    Never get excited about what white folks call us, remember their whole existence is based upon decriminalization they know they can’t fairly compete. And they are still wondering why we ain’t all dead cause they have tried everything. But we still rise with beautiful people like Simone. Names will never hurt us.

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  5. Weslin1

    As ” Tony the Tiger” says she is ” Greattttt”!!!! I would that before long the U. S. media will quit ignoring her. If she were white sadly to say they would be going. ” Gogo Gaga” about her; letting alone having endorsements coming from everywhere.

  6. CGAtty

    And where is her Wheaties box? Endorsements? How about some basic media attention? Oh, that’s right, we only get in the media when we’re looking ignorant or caught doing something wrong or unlawful…


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