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High school sweathearts remarry 20 years and 8 kids later

Some say that black families are struggling.  But maybe it’s also because the media doesn’t focus on families that are doing well.  There are some families that are blended as well, bringing together pieces into a stronger and more unified collective.   Is marriage always the best way to preserve a family?  It’s hard to say, since so many people get divorced.  Is it better to have all of your children after marriage?  Probably, but there are still uncertainties.

It seems that those who do well are the ones who simply do the best they can with what they’ve got.

Eva and Roy, interviewed by the Huffington Post, only dated for three weeks in high school, but their fates were meant to intertwine.  Many years later, the two were divorced and found themselves coming back together with a massive family of 8 children.  The story is touching and compelling and they share the tips for making their family situation work.

The two met back in 1994, so, it’s 20 years later, and they are now a couple again.  Read on to find out how they are able to make it all work.

Back in high school, Eva and Roy shared three glorious weeks together as a couple. “Cut us a break,” Eva said. “It was short-lived, but three weeks was a lifetime in high school!”

Decades and a few divorces later, they met again and fell in love. It hasn’t been easy –they’re a blended family of 10 — but they’ve banded together to make it work. Below, Eva shares more of her family’s success story.

Hi there. Want to introduce us to your family?
My name is Eva and my husband is Roy. We met in 1994 in high school. We became close friends and dated for a full three weeks then. We went our separate ways after that and married other people. Twenty years later, we’re now married with a blended family of 10 and oh, boy, has it been a ride. Roy has three children from a previous marriage: Ty, 16; Raiven, 11; and Tiara, 7. I have three children from my previous marriage: Tay, 16; Bill, 14; and my stepson, Nicco, 9. Roy and I also have two daughters together: Carmela, 9 and Roi, who is 5 months old.

How long have you and Roy been together?
We dated for two years before we got married in 2013 on New Year’s Eve in New Orleans.

What do you appreciate most about life as a stepfamily?
Our lives are blending in ways we never thought imaginable when we decided to marry three years ago — and when we’re together, there’s always a party! Six of the eight kids live with us full time. A simple Friday night turns into a family feast every time we’re together. We always save the best activities and ideas for when all of the children are together. We never want anyone to feel left out of anything we do as a family. That includes family meetings, vacations, outings, everything. If we cannot do it as a family then it simply cannot be done.




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