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Tiny caught throwing up sorority signs, but never went to college

According to Bossip.com, TI’s wife Tiny is apparently doing something that is just not acceptable in the world of black greeks.   The site claims that Tiny is throwing up the signs for both AKA and Delta, and nobody remembers her ever pledging or crossing for any sorority.

In fact, some are not even sure that Tiny finished high school, which might add insult to injury.

The picture we found is one of her throwing up the delta sign, but they claim that she’s repping AKA too.  We doubt that either of these distinguished sororities would make her into an honorary member, so we’re hoping that you can explain what’s going on here.

Tiny was most recently in the news for getting her eye color surgically changed.  If she were to follow up one antic with another like this one, people might start wondering exactly why she’s famous in the first place.


The second picture is the one that is most conspicuous.  Tiny is blocked out a bit, but it looks like she has a pinky in the air, symbolizing membership in the AKA sorority.   This doesn’t look good for Tiny, and someone probably should have informed her that this is not appropriate.  But remember that she’s also the same woman who said she has no problem sharing her man with the rest of the world, as long as he’s paying her bills.   So needless to say, her perspective is unique.

Maybe Tiny should speak to these groups before pretending that she is a member.  At the very least, she could join one of those reality shows where you become famous because you were married to a famous person.  This could be a midlife crisis or something.  Pray for her.

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3 thoughts on “Tiny caught throwing up sorority signs, but never went to college

  1. Charles Lee Sanders

    Just because Tiny never attended college or even never completed high school doesn’t mean that she stopped living and learning in life. A crack addict once approached me with a dozen of fresh and new boxes of GIRL SCOUT cookies for sale…..was he ever a Girl Scout? Will the proceeds go to support THEM? How about this: There’s a KKKracKKKa-Rapper named eminem….does HE throw up signs of particularity? What’s so controversial about Tiny and her signs; if she threw them correctly, it’s the black-ass greeks’ fault for not keeping that shit a damned SECRET!!! Why don’t they take their asses back to Greece……..GO-O-O-O-O- TINY!!!!!

  2. jim

    So much going on that we are worried if she , heaven forbid flash a sorority sign. I have no ill will to greeks , but get over your self importance . To me they aren’t nothing but social clubs anyway.


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