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TMZ says Latifah cancelled Cosby’s appearance over allegations

Bill Cosby has been put into the spotlight this week for some very uncomfortable reasons.  Once one of the most respected and cherished entertainers in the world, Cosby’s name has now been tarnished by numerous allegations of inappropriate and harmful conduct toward women.   Several reports have claimed that as many as 13 women have come forward to say that Cosby drugged them and took advantage of them while they slept.  The allegations resurfaced when comedian Hannibal Burress ridiculed Cosby on stage.

Now, TMZ is claiming that even Queen Latifah and her staff have abandoned the seemingly loveable old man.  According to TMZ, Latifah and her team cancelled Cosby’s upcoming appearance on her syndicated talk show because of the recent chatter about Cosby’s inappropriate behavior.   Cosby was set to appear to promote his upcoming comedy tour, but now the entire tour is in jeopardy.

Here’s what Burress said about Cosby on stage:

And it’s even worse because Bill Cosby has the f*cking smuggest old black man public persona that I hate. Pull your pants up, black people. I was on TV in the ’80s. I can talk down to you because I had a successful sitcom. Yeah, but you r@ped women, Bill Cosby. So, brings you down a couple notches.

Later, actress Barbara Bowan did several interviews about things that Cosby allegedly did to her over 25 years  ago.

“I was drugged and raped by that man,” Bowan said to MailOnline. “He is a monster. He came at me like a monster. My hope is that others who have experienced s-xual abuse will not be intimidated into silence by the famous, rich and powerful. If I can help one victim, then I’ve done my job.”

Despite the many women who’ve come forward to claim that Cosby had assaulted them, none of them pressed charges.  Also, many of them accepted money from Cosby for many years after the incident and two of them had consensual relationships with him.  In spite of the TMZ claim, reps from The Queen Latifah Show say that it was Cosby’s decision to cancel (or postpone) the appearance.

Mr. Cosby’s scheduled appearance on The Queen Latifah Show was postponed at his request and was in no way related to any of our recent or upcoming scheduled guests.

What do you think about all of this?


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34 thoughts on “TMZ says Latifah cancelled Cosby’s appearance over allegations

  1. Tyrone Clerk

    Normally, I would be like oh well they got Bill. This time it looks like he got himself. Drugged up chicks?? Not good at all.

  2. Harold

    They drop you when they are done with you–black people. Usually, you deserve the bad that follows–sell-outs! Keep watching Oprah. Her time is coming.

  3. CDJones

    Well…………I’m in no way condoning what Cosby allegedly did, however, what does it say for the women who claims Cosby drugged & reaped them, and they made a decision to receive hush money for however long of a time in exchange for their dignity/integrity? Who’s really to blame? WOW! Talk about the love of money being the root of all evil! (ParaphrasedKJV). #really?

    • mila

      Thank you , you are right. I have worked for businessmen and never was bothered. Sometimes women put themselves in positions and later say the things documented.

  4. William Ferrell III

    He that guilty of some sin cast the first stone okay! I have no rock to throw myself. From an African American perspective let us talk about some Caucasian comics past and present. We have to remember that the further you go back in hour history the less folk talked. I am old enough to remember the night that Marilyn Monroe sang Happy Birthday to President Kennedy all zi saw was a beautiful woman that every red blooded American Male at the time would not have shunned her in any way that could be deemed sexual even if it was nothing but a big fat kiss. I would later learn that the President was screwing her. If Mr. Cosby did these things he win ‘t get away you know our judgment is two fold it is subjected to man’s determination but also our creator. The same creator that his son Ennice rest with right now, with that in mind Bill has had to endure that the lack if a continuance of his surname through Ennice to future generations. We always have to be blemished by those who are in power monetarily speaking and ethnically speaking also. In America I call it the “Force” you can read about it in my book “A Letter To The Right” available on Amazon.com. Peace & Love. WF3

    • Tina Whittaker

      WF3, are you are saying God punished Cosby for his sin of taking advantage of woman by ironically taking away the continuation of Cosby’s ability to carry on his lineage?

  5. Avi

    I do not believe that Bill Cosby drugged and raped anybody, however even when he was a young professor I heard that he was the charming ladies man and would cheat on Camille, but I do not believe that he raped and drugged anyone and why not be real he’s a man like any man with a little money and fame I’m sure some of these girls like the attention, so yeah they probably took money from him and partied with him on campus and as a celebrity. Don’t try to bring him down because maybe someone is mad with him for trying to teach them some self respect and respect for their family and peers. You can just believe all men cheat because women let them get away with it. There is no perfect man on the planet O.K.!

  6. Debbie Stevens

    If he did these things then the women should have come forward and let justice have it’s day in court. However, for them to remain silent all these years on such a horrible incident makes me believe that whatever happened to them was consensual and now that they are looking for a pay check.

  7. Bob

    Let’s not get it twisted, Queen Latiffa did not do this. If this really happen these women are sell outs. Why come forward now? Must be the money? If not true does this shine a bad light on women, and their word? I do not think he drugged them but just like the young man at FSU just because it look good to you do not mean it’s good for you. Did they have sex, YES, did they take it , NO. Should they have, Hine sight say NO but the truth is they are men and we will clime the mountain.

  8. mr run it

    it’s a shame how we turn on each other-but in the same breaths talk about unify-and why is it all ways our black women leading the charge when it comes to public lynching of black men?-this man is a icon that has been married for year’s to black women supports and shows positive images of not only of our children and family but all the blessing that comes from that union-and we as a community are actively engaged in tearing down this man and slandering him because of a couple of statements we’re not supposed to agree with???-naww my people i ain’t with y’all on this one-and we should be ashamed for even the thought of going against this man

    • Ron

      Agree! Since Bill has gotten old, these piranhas are out to destroy him one of the most successful man .Cosby doesn’t need to “drug a woman “, women would flock to him effortless. Why is it they are coming now? I really doubt the reports. Cosby has been around actresses(Different World,Cosby Show) for years and NEVER has anyone among them had reported of unprofessional sexual behavior. Why haven’t they taken him to court? Where is the evidence?

  9. Andre

    Is This a Surprise…? Look at His Ugly Hypocritical Azz! He’s Been Doin’ Dirt for Decades …and Pointing the Finger & Talking Down to His Own People & Others! Let me tell you …There’s a LOT of Shady Black as well as Other Holier Than Thou Celebs out there. We need to ALL Wake UP and ONLY Support Those that are Genuine! Drabo. B-}

  10. Wil May

    I’m not sure who to believe. No Question men like stuff and women love money. Some where in the middle lies the truth.

  11. Wilson

    I don,t believe a word those ladys say about Bill Cosby. Why wait a lifetime and then drag him in the mud? And Queen Latiffa should be shame to knock down Cosby. I think they ( the comics ) are jealous of Bill. Seems like most of them are ganging up on him, Oh well, i niver liked the oueen< and many of the others anyway. Good luck bill.You don.t need them anyway.

  12. Olasi

    Bill Cosby has always seemed like a monster and in his later years, a curmudgeon. I feel sad that these women had to endure this experience. They were most likely intimidated into silence. I believe that Cosby’s company was most likely dangerous. His public image was innocent, but he is not. There is a difference between sin and a crime. We are supposed to “cast stones” at criminals. It’s called the judicial system. But when your friends are the criminals that have the judicial system on lock it’s easy to avoid prosecution. And when you are a beloved celebrity it’s easy to avoid persecution. Because of the darkness, and hatefulness he spreads about Black people, particularly Black youth, it seems obvious he is a stain on his people, a discredit to his race.

    What the Cosby Show did for the landscape of entertainment is historically significant and precious. But, we must always be mindful of the man behind the artist. Just because the artist is brilliant and what they create is good, that doesn’t guarantee that the man is so. Often times it is quite the opposite…

  13. Arriana

    Some posters here seem to have forgotten or never knew that these allegations were made against Cosby some 20 years ago. These women were not being silent. 13 of 14 took him to court. His legal team shut it all down by negotiating an out of court settlement. Such settlements typically include gag orders. So, while mo one else can say anything, number 14-who took no money and has no legal obligation to remain silent – clearly felt that she wanted and was free to co-sign Hannibal’s statement.

    Let’s be clear – these allegations do not undo his good works but, neither do his good works make him a saint. King David was a man after God’s’ own heart but, would people be lying on him if they gossiped that he impregnated his loyal soldier’s wife then, had him murdered to cover his own hide?

  14. Alyce

    Bill Cosby would have a field day talking about the people that have used incorrect grammar and sooo many misspelled words on here. He would call those people uneducated.= and would NOT thank you for your support. lol

    This isn’t the first time Cosby’s name has been in the media for his “dirty little secrets”. Research the true Bill Cosby.

    Oh and QL’s show says Cosby cancelled his appearance. Read with comprehension the article above that you’re commenting on. Stop blaming QL.

  15. rob

    Mr Cosby has facilitated a handful of other’s careers,been generous to a number of charities, a role model to dozens of black actors and comics and philanthropists and educational institutions, and has not flaunted his wealth in grandiose ,unsophisticated, or frivolous ways.And Felicia Rashad wouldn’t have her husband and wealth and celebrity, and continued opportunities if not for Mr.Cosby.He and Harry Belafonte also produced, directed a handful of buddy comedies that still hold up somewhat.

  16. Stellbread


    IF he did it, then it further proves that “What’s done in the dark will come to the light.” Imagine the hypoceisy of him and those in his age group–Jesse Jackson for one–who condemn black boys for their maltreatment of women and who have done dirt they thought they could buy their way out of. This is what happens when we worsjip humans rather than the man upstairs.

    Second who would pay to see him after all the bizarre behavior he’s exhibited lately, in particular on The Colbert Report amd The Tonight Show witph Jimmy Fallon? I think Cosby might b e off his nut–no pun intended.

    • Nino Azul

      fully agree… and if any of those girls were any of our daughters we’ll be singing a different tune not in defense of Cosby…. so we turn a blind eye becuz someone who is wealthy and a celeb throws us cash? REALLY? As in the word of Charles Barkley.. “its DARK SECRET IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY”.. money walks and bullsh*T talks..C’mon black folks..until we call a thing a thing .. we will always be confused as a people.

  17. Maynevent

    It’s amazing that an upcoming and basically irrelevant comedian such as hannibal burress could bring up these 20 year old conversations about an icon of a comedian like Bill Cosby. Cosby spoke the truth about black men specifically the youth. Yes, we do need to pull the pants up(it looks stupid), yes we do need to try our best to take care of the children we create, yes we do need to practice speaking correct english, and yes we do need to take responsibility for our communities. Now i cannot say whether he did or didnt do these things to these women but i can say that the reason we are bringing it back up is because of an a$$hole comedian who definitely wont do 1 percent of what Cosby has done for the african-american community..

    • Nino Azul

      What’s done in the dark will always surface to the light.. so before you pitch dirt at someone’s else door step?.. Clean up around your own door step FIRST.. and COSBY has not done this..so he needs to SHUT UP!

      Do you hear older white males speaking in terms of young white MALES? HELL no.. and trust me younger whites males need to be spoken of as well, learn to speak proper English, they wear sagging pants also, and also latinos and Asians.. I’ve seen every and heard of every race younger males doing all the above.. so older WHITE MALES know how STUPID it would be to speak out publicly against their OWN race..that’s WHY THEY DON’T on such SILLY subject matters..BUT US..(smh) what ever comes up comes out without a second thought about it and how stupid publicly..so emotional..Crosby is a emotional MESS with a ethnic identity problem and going thru mid life crisis..

      (IMPO) its not COSBY PLACE to publicly announce his PERSONAL feelings publicly as some speak all for the black community..not with rapist allegations that will NEVER EVER not be apart of his tarnished image..and FOLKS have NOT FORGOT about the allegations-YOU MAY HAVE ..and this issue has nothing NOTHING to do with the comedian bringing the issue forward currently..what he did was just a reminder..to not forget..who CROSBY has become from the dark..

      BTW, these women aren’t just know coming forward this was long ago and Cosby settled in court basically paid his victims to be quiet and not tell the story to the media back then..

      The titled of the article is mis-leading…and if anyone believes TMZ? How many times have TMZ been sued for printing journalism as facts..however was slander.. or just entirely not correct?

      • Maynevent

        As a matter of fact I do hear older white males speaking of younger white males. So whats your point? I am not latino, caucasian, or asian so why should i concern myself with their community. I never said we forgot about the allegations, i said that the discussion is re-emerging because of a comment made by Hannibal Burress. Get your facts correct. It is our responsibilty to our youth to try and show them the right way to get things done. Who else should show them? And if you think that subject matters that Cosby was addressing were silly then your mistaken.

  18. Sharon

    If I was sexually assaulted I wouldn’t take money I’d report it right away. Especially if if I was saying I was drugged so blood work could be done right away. When did these alleged sex assaults take place and why are they just now coming forward. Celebrities have been prosecuted for many things so unless it’s a child victim I need more proof than somebody said it happened or they heard about it happening. If you’re a victim why hide in the shadows come forward confront the person you are saying sexually assaulted you. And if you’re a victim maybe you check and see how long after a crime you can still file a criminal complaint. I just find it hard to believe that there are 13 women who may have been sexually assaulted and not one has filed a criminal complaint.. That’s what I want to see and what I’ll believe.

  19. Mary Ann Parrish

    Bill Cosby has been known as a womanizer for years. My question is why is this coming to light now. I think the current accusations stem from wanting money since the last woman received a settlement. My other question is why no one has ever gone to the police…..and why bring this up 20 years later? If the subject was off the table, then I would have cancelled him, but if it was fair game, I would definitely had him on the show. Sooner or later, Bill will have to address these issues. At 75, this is what he is going to be remembered for….smh. He has been such an inspiration regarding education and giving back. Hate to see this….

  20. mr run it

    im not a big conspiracy theorists-but it seems like we seen this story before-a major public figure speak out on a touchy subject stirring controversy-they attack him publicly-sometimes hit or miss until something sticks-then his credibility is dragged through the mud-a little time passes and he’s found dead-…it’s text book

  21. Leon Stewart

    Some women do this all the time. When they have the opportunity to benefit from a sexual encounter with someone with money, they jump at it. They allow a consensual situation to occur, but after the fact they claim it was forced. This process allow them to make a money proposal, and thats when the “shakedown” begans. At that time (the women) just wanted a few dollars from time to time, but overtime they desire more security. Something like a job, or a part in a movie or TV Series. However the ” Mark” can’t deliver, or fail to do so. Consequently the bad mouthing begans, and it seems as though Mr. Cosby is at the discrediting stage now. Back in the day we sometimes referred to this Act in less favorable terms, but as some say on the street,”The more things change, the more they stay the same”.

  22. Meghann

    I don’t believe this at all, probably mutual consent on these affairs. All women are not abused or taken advantage of, some are looking for money or their 15 minutes.

  23. Nothing But The Truth!

    It truly amazes me that these wonderful women apparently all had an intimate relationship with Dr. Bill Cosby, but are all now prepared to destroy him! It amazes me further that we African-Americans have too few really substantive discussions or dialogues on ways and means to advance the general condition of our failing community, but will contest each other regularly on the character of some of our biggest community contributors! Some commenters stated that (1) Dr. Bill Cosby makes regular financial contributions to OUR Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s), (2) He created an extremely positive, long running sitcom that served as an example of a great African-American Family, (3) He has spoken often about the need for the men and women of OUR community to stand up and be the kind of exemplary parents that OUR Children need, (4) He has recognized that the schools that are supposed to provide meaningful educational experiences for OUR Children are not providing those learning experiences, (5) He tells these ignorant African-American males (and now ignorant females) to pull their damn pants up. Have YOU made a contribution to an HBCU? Have you done any tangible thing to uplift OUR community? Are YOU representative of the kind of parent YOUR Children need? Have YOU done anything whatsoever to know what kind of school YOUR Children attend? Have YOU seen how ignorant OUR Young Men, and some few Young Women, look with their pants dropping off their asses, and contested them? Something else: No, it does not mean that WE are guilty because WE choose to settle out of court? My Great Name is far more important than the risk of ongoing speculation! We seem to be willing participants in destroying the legacy of the strong members of our community, but are often absent when it is time to defend them!

  24. godfather05

    After many things that Cosby has said that are just plain ignorant I would not go to see him. However, after all of these years and these bimbos are just now coming out, something is wrong with this picture.

  25. JJ Jones

    I totally agree with the comments made by “Nothing But The Truth”..We are our own worst enemy..We need to stop crucifying each when negative things surface about our brothers and sisters.We have all sinned and fallen short! Please take some time and look in the miror at yourself!…Then post those negative things that you discovered about yourself…Oh and don’t forget to post those skeletons you found in your closet as well! God help us all!!

  26. childofthesixties

    If these allegations are true then why did they not come forward when it happened? If they accepted money from him over the years, then maybe money was more important to them than the fact, as they put it, they were raped! As a woman I truly hate to say it but we use “rape” anytime a man has moved on to the next woman. I am not saying it did not happen because I was not the pillow nor the post but if so, why did they not come forward at that time! Playing that “revenge” game can truly ruin ones reputation!


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