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Ferguson prosecutor says leaked information came from fake twitter account

Investigators for the prosecution in the case of Darren Wilson in Ferguson say that a hack has caused bad information to be leaked through Twitter about their ongoing investigation. The account @thesusannichols has claimed for months to know a member of the grand jury in the case, and says that the jury hasn’t found enough information to warrant the arrest of Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting of Michael Brown.

The office of St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch opened an investigation after the tweet was posted.  After looking into it, they’ve concluded that the account was hacked.   However, they still don’t know how the hack took place.

“A tweet several weeks ago claimed the author talked to a friend who is serving on the [grand jury]about the case. That did not happen,” McCulloch said. “An investigation revealed that the account had, indeed, been hacked and the origin/author of the tweet is unknown. The owner of the account has no connection with any member of the grand jury.”

Apparently, there is a real woman named Susan Nichols who did own the account.  But she knew nothing of the leaks and said that her account had been hacked without her knowledge.   She says that when her account was deleted, someone took over the Twitter handle, leading the world to think that she was the one responsible.

Despite the leak being false, experts are doubtful that the Michael Brown shooting is going to lead to the prosecution of Officer Darren Wilson.  Some don’t even believe he’s going to be indicted.






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One thought on “Ferguson prosecutor says leaked information came from fake twitter account

  1. Butch

    Ongoing investigation? The police officer/thug shot and executed an unarmed teenager for no apparent reason. What are they investigating?


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