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This cop tasered a man who was lying down handcuffed

— A video posted to YouTube showing a Richland County sheriff’s deputy using a taser on a handcuffed suspect has been turned over to the department’s internal affairs for investigation.

Lt. Curtis Wilson, a Sheriff’s Department spokesman, identified the suspect in the video as Charles James Lang Jr., 25. The deputy has not been publicly identified.

Lang was arrested for public disorderly conduct Sunday afternoon at a BP gas station on Parklane Road, Wilson said, and was charged with resisting arrest after not complying with the officer.

Wilson did not have details Tuesday about what led to Lang’s arrest.

Wilson also said just before noon Tuesday that he did not have an incident report.

Lang can be seen in the video sitting on the deputy’s patrol car in handcuffs.

In the video, the deputy tells Lang, “If you don’t put your face on the hood of my car, you are getting tased. Last warning.”

Bystanders can be heard in the video telling the man to get into the car. But the suspect continues to sit on the patrol car hood, and the video shows the deputy shoot Lang with a taser. Lang then falls to the ground.

The video then shows the deputy repeatedly telling the suspect not to move. The handcuffed suspect, who is on his side, then rolls over, and the video shows the deputy tase him again – as another Richland County deputy arrives on the scene.



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