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Video Showing 7-Eleven Employees Refusing to Sell Chips to a Black Child Until a White Woman Steps in Goes Viral

7-Eleven issued a statement alleging that the father in the video was previously (not during this incident) caught on tape stealing: “Unfortunately, that video neglects to tell the whole story and appears to be intended to create unrest and misdirect anger. We have video that has been turned over to local law enforcement of the individual who was not served  and who was stealing from the store several times, causing disruption in the store and intimidating other customers. Neither race or racism was a factor in what happened in that video. The franchisee for this store, herself, is Black/African-American, and during the incident on tape another African-American customer was served. We explained this to the Caucasian lady who purchased the chips.  She was sorry that she was outspoken against the employees and was sympathetic to their predicament,” stated Margaret Chabris, director of corporate communications at 7-Eleven.


A video capturing the apparent mistreatment of customers at an Alexandria, Va., 7-Eleven has gone viral. The video, which was posted to Facebook, shows 7-Eleven employees refusing to take money from a young black kid and his father. The father was holding his son and allowing him to pay, but the employees refused to accept the money—until a white woman stepped in and voiced her frustrations about it.




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