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Virginia High School: No, Our Principal Wasn’t Throwing Up Gang Signs

After a photo of a local principal and his students surfaced on social media, some outraged parents started calling on the principal to resign. Some parents claim the principal is using inappropriate hand signs.

The picture in question is below. Five Brunswick High school students can be seen posing for a picture and principal Warren Bell is to the far right of the photo.

Superintendent Dora Wynn said Bell was actually telling the kids to return to class and the photo was taken out of context.

In a statement, superintendent Dora Wynn said “A student snapped a picture just as the principal was gesturing for the students to stop. That picture is construed by some as showing the principal was engaging in inappropriate conduct when, in reality, he was attempting to stop the students from continuing their inappropriate behavior.”

Some parents disagree. They believe principal Bell was displaying inappropriate hand signs.

“I am really appalled,” said Shirley Penn, a parent whose daughter attends the high school. “Seeing is believing. He is in the picture and from what I can make out, he’s making signs.”

Penn told 8News anchor Ava-joye Burnett that the principal should at least be suspended while the school district investigates the matter. Other parents who contacted 8News said Bell should be fired.




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