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Everyone loves this traffic cop who dances on the job

People are sometimes misinformed about police.  They think that they only dream about shooting people and are all nasty human beings.  Some cops are offended by this reputation, because they know it’s not true.  Yes, there are some bad cops out there, but not all of them are meant to be horrible.

A cop in Indiana is doing his part to try to show that officers can be friendly and supportive to the public.  Indiana State Trooper Dujuan Presley-McFadden has been on the force for 16 years and loves to dance on the job.  He’s now known as the “Dancing Trooper,” and people love it.   In fact, he’s so good that traffic often stops so that people can check out his latest moves.

“I want to give them a different perspective of law enforcement in general, not just Indiana State Police, but let them know as law enforcement, we have a human side as well and to let them know we can have a good time as well,” he said to The Source.

The officer says that he started dancing during his days at Jackson State University and hasn’t stopped dancing since.   He was in the marching band as a young man and finds that dancing makes his life interesting and his job a lot of fun.  People aren’t complaining.

“I was in a marching band from the South. I come from a nontraditional marching band where that’s what we traditionally do is dancing, a lot. But nothing professionally, not at all, just having fun dancing,” said McFadden told WishTV.

Maybe this shows that cops can be friendly too.  But these distractions don’t take away from the serious police brutality problems that make people afraid of the cops.  They need to do more dancing and less beating.  Maybe the people would start to trust them.  Read on.

While McFadden’s moves put smiles on the faces of people in Indiana, he isn’t the only cop with rhythm. Tony Lepore, a former traffic cop in Providence, Rhode Island, comes out of retirement every December to direct traffic and bust some moves, the Associated Press reported.



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