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Where are his parents? Police who found one-year-old boy ABANDONED in his stroller on the sidewalk plead for mom and dad to come forward

Police are searching for the parents of a one-year-old child after they abandoned him in his stroller on a street corner Saturday night.

Officers heard the boy crying in his stroller on a street in downtown New Orleans at 5pm yesterday.

Bystanders told officers the child had been there at least 45 minutes – and that there was no sign of his parents.

The child – whose age officers have had to estimate – was left on Martin Luther King Boulevard, around the 2600 block, the Times-Picayune reported.

He was wearing jean shorts and a navy blue shirt at the time, and has curly black hair.

After the child was found, officers scoured the area but the parents – or anybody who was responsible for the child – were nowhere to be found.

The boy is being cared for by Louisiana’s Department of Child and Family Services while the investigation takes place.

The New Orleans Police Department have appealed for anybody who recognizes the child or knows who the parents might be to get in touch with them.


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