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White Supremacist Trains 10 People For a ‘Racial Holy War,’ Only Gets Six Months In Jail

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Reported by Dr. Sinclair Grey III

Let’s face it:  The justice system isn’t perfect. Anyone who thinks and/or believe that the justice system is fair should look at the sentencing disparities between whites and blacks.According to the US Sentencing Commission, black men are given 20 percent longer sentences than white for the same crime. Although racial disparities in the courtroom are daunting, there is also a disparity between those who are wealthy and those who are poor.

Case in point, Marcus Faella, a Florida man convicted on two counts of paramilitary training a small group of white supremacists for a ‘racial holy war,’ will spending the next six months in jail. That’s right, Faella will be doing less than a year for his horrific and heinous act. Because he already served 61 days in jail, the court has credited him that which means he will serve approximately four months.

According to the Atlanta Black Star, Faella’s sentence is less than what most Florida residents will serve if they are convicted of disorderly conduct, indecent exposure, possession of marijuana under twenty grams, and shoplifting.

Called the ‘ring leader’ of the white supremacist group known as American Front, Faella believes that America is on the verge of a ‘racial holy war.’ American Front was founded in 1987 and has remained relatively small. Even though the group is small, it has expanded throughout the U.S.

Faella, along with ten others, were arrested thanks to this group being exposed by someone who was able to infiltrate it in 2010. According to an arrest affidavit, Faella had been training a group of at least ten other people on how to use explosives, shotguns, and AK-47s in order to kill Jews, immigrants and other minorities back in 2012 at a fortified compound on his property in St. Cloud.

The Anti-Defamation League has described the activities of American Front as acts of terrorism. However, what’s troubling is that Faella’s sentence is less than someone who is found guilty of terroristic threats in Florida.

Source: Atlanta Black Star

Dr. Sinclair Grey III is an activist, speaker, writer, author, life coach, and host of The Sinclair Grey Show heard on Monday’s at 2pm on WAEC Love 860am (iHeart Radio and Tune In). Contact him at drgrey@sinclairgrey.org or on Twitter @drsinclairgrey

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