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Whitney Houston’s family hates Angela Bassett’s film

You would think that biopics about artists who have passed on left their mark on the world would bring nothing but heartfelt memories and good times with them, but that is not the case for a few upcoming films this year. I cannot quite put my finger on why these biopics have so much controversy lagging behind them, but the tension is just undeniable.

The biopic for the late Aaliyah Haughton had issues from leading roles to family disapproval, and that put a minor delay on the film. Now the biopic for the great legend Whitney Houston has a couple of issues of its own as well.

The first issue stemmed from Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, wanting to play the role of her mother in the film. When Angela Bassett, the film’s director, said no, Bobbi took to Twitter to rant about how Bassett looked like a man and did not have the right to tell her that she could not be involved with the movie.

She eventually apologized, but now critics are kind of thinking along the same lines of Bobbi Kristina. What makes Bassett fit to direct a film about Whitney Houston? Questions (and eyebrows) have arisen about whether Bassett knew Houston well enough to put together a thorough biopic about the singer’s life.

READ MORE via Cissy Houston: “No one connected to this film knew Whitney Enough To Direct a Film About Her Life.” | The Reel Network.



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One thought on “Whitney Houston’s family hates Angela Bassett’s film

  1. Beverly Pollard

    With all respect to the family of Whitney Houston; I think they should put this energy and emphasis on helping her daughter. By all media reports and some interviews I’ve seen, she is living in a “dream world.” She doesn’t appear grounded, mature or interested in taking care of herself for the future. I’ve heard her speak of her musical career. I certainly don’t keep up with everything in “pop” culture, but if she has the ability to perform well it is difficult to believe we wouldn’t have seen it by now. Just because her parents had careers, she seems to think it is automatically passed on to her; hence “dream world.”

    What about getting an education, so she can be independent and hopefully prosper. that way she would be prepared to manage whatever her Mom left her.


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