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Tavis Smiley isn’t happy with the producers from “Dancing with the Stars”

Tavis Smiley might have had his big moment on Dancing with the Stars, but it turned out to be a big disappointment.  He tried, but failed, and failed miserably.  He only scored 28 out of 40 points, giving him the second lowest score on the show.  He also looked severely overweight and even admitted that he didn’t have time to practice before making one of the biggest appearances of his life.

But you have to give him credit for trying.  He also showed his lighter side, which was good for people who only know him as the man who has stalked President Barack Obama for the last four years.

After the humiliating loss on the show, Tavis seemed to show a chink in his pride.  Backstage, he admitted during an interview with “People” Magazine that he hadn’t had time to prepare for his appearance on the show.  According to Smiley, he’d been on a major book tour, which ate deeply into his time and kept him from being able to practice as much as he wanted.

Then, he earned the ire of the public by sharing his frustrations with the producers who chose to put him on the show in the first place.

“Producers shouldn’t sign up people who can’t commit the time when they are told up front that the person is going to be on a book tour,” Smiley said. “We gave them the entire book-tour schedule in advance! This is not about sour grapes. It’s about saying I think the fans deserve to have stars on this show who have the time to commit to learning the dances so [partner Sharna Burgess]and other professionals don’t waste their time trying to do something that’s just humanly impossible.”

According to People, Tavis only had 10 total hours of practice during the week before his appearance, which is hardly enough for anyone to make an appearance of such magnitude.  But should Tavis have been the one to tell the producers that he couldn’t do the show?

Tavis’ biggest task has been the promotion of his new book, Death of a King: The Real Story of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Final Year.

Tavis wasn’t horrible on the show, however, check out the video below and tell us what you think.


The first video is the one where he got booted, and the other is from the first week, when he was able to make it to the second. It’s clear that he and his partner are frustrated by his busy schedule. He even goes into a tirade with the poor women, telling her that there are too many moves to remember in too little time and that he’s “going to have a meltdown on Monday.”

Normally, the show builds up the drama so that you get a surprise at the end, but it appears that, in this case, the drama was real.  The judges rip into Smiley and his partner, telling him that his routine lacked the polish they are accustomed to seeing.  But actually, the routine doesn’t appear to be the meltdown that Smiley predicted.   It surely could have been worse.

Maybe he should have passed on this one, huh?

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47 thoughts on “Tavis Smiley isn’t happy with the producers from “Dancing with the Stars”

  1. abrun

    He sucked and he should have never signed up for the show. Did they put a gun to his head and make him do it ? He danced liked an old man without soul and they were generous when they gave him scores over 5!

  2. phoenyx

    He was horrible and it looked lime he didn’t have enough practice time. He needs to stop whining. He knew he didn’t have enough practice time to be on the show. He sucked!!! Take it like a man, Tavvy Boy! We see now that all black folks don’t have rhythm!!! 5, 6, 7 turn…..

  3. william alexander

    Is he saying they “FORCED” him to dance…i’m confused he said he told them he couldn’t do it so they signed him up anyway then he did it…who’s the dummy here…I think it’s TTTAAAVVVVIIIIISSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

  4. Regina

    Sorry Tavis, no sympathy from me. You KNEW ahead of time that you would not have the time to practice. You should not have accepted the gig.


  5. Dna

    Tavis is a loser in more ways than one. First of all he is NOT a star in any sense of the word. He has NO rhythm. He’s so jealous of Obama that he can’t even see straight and his pitiful talk show Is stuck on PBS cause the general public can’t stand ii or him. Why doesn’t he turn in his Black Card and go sit down and shut up for good!!??

  6. Bwithers

    Tavis needs to take responsibility for himself. He signed up for the show when he knew that he could not dance and did not have the time to practice/learn.

  7. ericaf

    He diminished his brand. By complaining about the producers shows he is a sore loser. Nobody forced him to be on the show, the schedule was his, not theirs. Own the fact that you can’t dance, you gave it a try and move on. You know he wasn’t into it since he didn’t lose an ounce of weight.

  8. John Peoples

    I knew he couldn’t dance, but damn he looked as though he could hardly walk not alone dance. I dont know about him but I was embrassed, I could hardly look at the FOOL.

  9. Tamuzulu

    Next week you will probably see Tavis Smiley and Cornel West on FoxNews blaming his poor dance performance on President Obama. Then they will both leave the studio on the Poverty Mobile.

  10. EdwardEofChitown

    Despite that fact that I am a fan of Travis Smiley, I regrettably agree that Travis Smiley is a whiner, when situations don’t go his way. It may due to his large family upbringing background that he may suffer from a form of attention deficient-disorder?? I just hopes he seek therapy for resolution, and man up when he feels someone has wronged him, i.e., Pres Obama declined his 2008 conference invite, but offered to send his wife in his place. Mr. Smiley blasted him for the invite decline and becomes a popular con-critic of his presidency. Perhaps, that’s probably why he has not received invites to any White House events, i.e., ‘The Correspondence Dinner!’. Does he has a ‘thang’ for the commander and chief?? Hmmm!! Come on Travis, let it go!!

    • Unk

      I don’t know if I agree with your analysis. President Obama did do the SOBU program the following year as president. If he hated Obama or held such a deep grudge against him, why would he have him on the show? And most of Smiley’s criticisms of the president have been positions that were politically to the left of Obama. There is no way you can confuse Smiley for a conservative. If Tavis doesn’t get invited to the White House for events like other journalists, you can likely blame the people in the presidents circle (Valarie Garrett) for the Smiley snub. This is beyond sad because they make sure the president’s worst adversaries (Fox News) has seats front and center to all the WH events so they can distort facts for their viewers. If it were about excluding people that were critical of the president, Fox News wouldn’t be invited. That issue is more about the WH punishing Smiley and others for not falling in line like all other black media and asking tough questions regarding the administration’s agenda for black America and the poor – two conversations Obama did not want to have.

  11. VSR

    Tavist Smiley Grow Up! You had a book tour? I’ve read some of your books and they’re just as awful as your attempt at dancing

  12. Arneader

    Tavis is a BIG whiner. This is not the first season of DWTS and he knows how the show goes. Tell the truth Ruth. Tavis was too busy hustling he didn’t take DWTS serious. White America sees that all black people cannot dance specifically, Nene Leaks, Wendy Williams and Tavis Smiley just to name a few. All the socials they go to you would think they would take dancing lessons to look regal.

  13. Cathy R

    If he had a book-signing commitment, he shouldn’t have accepted the invitation. I’m sure they did not force him to sign on. It was his choice. He absolutely needed to be booted off, he was terrible He was an embarassment to the entire Black community. He is overweight, he has no rhythm, he STUNK!!! How many Black people don’t know how to Cha Cha????? I’m glad he’s gone; he should have been the first to be voted off.

  14. Unk

    So this is the new site of the 2014 Smiley Hater Reunion. For a while I wondered where all of you were. It’s good to see most of you started off your day with a nice tall glass of Tavis flavored Hateraid. Now I’d be the first to admit the performance wasn’t as good as it could have been. But it certainly wasn’t as horrible as some are making it out to be. It wasn’t even the lowest scoring performance of the evening. And I’m curious of the motivations of the person who wrote this article. I’ve seen (and heard) a few of the interviews since the elimination and never have a heard Smiley say he was “livid” with the show’s producers. The worst thing he had to say is that being on the show isn’t as easy as it looks. They flew the girl he danced with to every city so they could practice, but he admitted he just didn’t have the time it took to give a winning performance. Plus, he’s no Sammy Davis Jr. to begin with.

    Anyone who understands capitalism understands how this business works. Provocative headlines get clicks from readers and hardly anything these days get more clicks from black folks than a headline highlighting erratic behavior by Tavis Smiley. Hating Tavis is big business in black media. For the past year or so, Tavis Smiley has laid low. It’s good to see him step out and offer himself up to the public for more public humiliation so the haters can place all their hate in the comment section. Advertisers love this type of activity which of course means the website will get paid ‘Mad Loot’!!! Tavis Smiley is great for business. In black circles he’s almost as good as Beyoncé. To all you Tavis haters, this website loves you.

  15. James E. Jones

    Okay, Okay This is Tavis Smiley crying foul. this is not the same man who has criticize the President for not suppporting the Black community. Let me help you out Tavis without disrespecting another brother. The show is called dancing with the Stars. Now you man be a star, but dancing is not your calling. You had and option and one of those options was to say no. Or was your ego that big knowing you could not dance as well as being over weight. Brother you looked bad, I mean really bad. So please get over yourself. HIre yourself a dancing instructor and a personal trainer. First lose some weight and in the process learn how to dance. Your failure is not the end of the world or your career. And for goodness sick, swallow your pride. Everything that happen to you was a product of you failure. Stop blaming everyone else for you inability to prepare yourselft to step out in the world of dance and not be prepared.

  16. Trouble

    Tavis Smiley is a sell-out and Uncle Tom for even considering to be on a ridiculous show like this. This so called show attempts to demean and humiliate “starts” from other professions that have no clue about dancing. It was clear when they had an aging Billy Dee Williams on that they will do anything in their pathetic attempt to get ratings. But it is not so much Smiley’s pathetic performance that should be called out but a show that intentionally attempts to ratings by paring a professional dancer with a non professional and forces them to do dances that they would never do in their culture. This show should have been cancelled years ago but for the fans like those on this board who apparently watch that bull sh_t. I feel sorry for anyone who’s llife is so boring that they only thing that have to do is watch this garbage. Hopefully everyone will realize that they’ve been being duped all along.

  17. Barbara

    All you Tavis Haters need to get over yourselves. He has a right to his opinions about Oboma.

    Now, to Tavis’ performance. He could have lost some weight before attempting to dance. He should continue dancing to lose some weight.

    He danced like he had two left feet. Not all Black people have rhythm, and he proved it.

  18. rosemary davis

    Why would Tavis be upset he couldn’t dance period,he dance odd he had no moves just like Billy D. Williams didn’t he kept making weird faces so he needs to stick to what he does best( RUN HIS MOUTH)

  19. childofthesixties

    He can’t blame the producers, he has only himself to blame, why would you allow yourself to be signed up for something that you do not have the time to practice for? Tavis this was your fault and only your fault, I felt sorry for the lady you were dancing with, you let her down!

  20. Quietstorm897

    Those judges were just being nice. He was lucky to get a (4) in my opinion. He looks like an overweigh shoe salesman. What a joke. If he took off for a year and simply focused on dancing, he probably would get a (5) at best. Get the hell outa here Tavis! You and that damn wig!

  21. helen

    Maybe Tavis should stick to stalking the president and ditch the wig. In elementary school we teach the students to take responsibility for their actions. Travis must have never learned that lesson. Hey, it’s never too late to start.

  22. Rev. George Brooks

    Brother Tavis, I am both hurt and disappointed that you would be part of that WHITE-FOLKS CONTROLLED SHOW, that has the gall to think that whites can JUDGE BLACK DANCERS. Just as some of these other WHITE JUDGE SHOWS that also try to judge BLACKS in Singers, and other forms of entertainment. For WHITES are not qualified to judge ANY black folks, when it comes to entertainment. AND black folks should put an immediate halt to participating in ANY forms of entertainment, when whites are serving as judges. For they are far out of place in trying to do this. I was recognized by all that saw me dance when I was young (I’m now 76, and I am black), but I refused being part of a couple of chances to go professional, and the chance to go to Hollywood, because I would not allow ANY whites to judge, manage, or control me in any way, for I was not, and am not, FOR SALE. And I have NEVER been under ANY white control of any kind. So Tavis, PLEASE don’t put yourself in that position again, with that trash that have no business even trying to think that they can judge BLACKS in any form of entertainment, for we are the masters of it. — Rev. George Brooks

    • Trouble

      Amen brother. It is time for us to stand up and have the courage to just say NO to any show
      that attempts to degrade and demean us by putting us in a position to look inferior to the white folks.
      It is time for us to stand up and call these show out for what they are…a futuristic minstrel show
      without the black face. I was waiting for Tavis to go down on knees and say “Mammy”.

  23. James

    Tavis … your dancing ability was ridiculous (you should have made the appropriate commitment to the show) … and now you sound ridiculous (whining like a child who lost his lollipop). You are making a mockery of only yourself by doing what you are doing. You truly are an educated fool! For the reason why you failed so miserably on the show, please just look in the mirror and shut up.

  24. Ellen

    Y’all need to chill out. It’s not that serious. If you can’t dance, you can’t dance. He didn’t have time enough to practice. He was busy, that’s that. He could’ve just declined the offer on going to the show. He put his self in that position not the producers. No one controlled him. Stop making everything about race when clearly it wasn’t. It’s dance show. Most of the black people who do go on that show shows no interest in dancing at all. Tbh. There was no need to pull out the race card. We as society judge each other daily. So, stop it with this race crap. It wasn’t about race. It was just him putting himself in a bad situation of which he couldn’t control. He knew that he was going to be busy. But decided to take the offer anyways. DWTS can’t change their schedule for one person, if your forgetting!
    That doesn’t make sense.
    Don’t take so much of what you can’t handle and to Rev. George Brooks, Isn’t that creating segregation if we put a halt to anything with a majority of white people? We fought for desegregation. I think Travis knew what he was getting himself into. I’m black. I’m not trying to pull out the card or anything. But, yeah he knew what he was getting himself into. He was busy just admit it. This has nothing to do with race!

    • Unk

      If Tavis Smiley can embarrass and disgrace a whole race of people simply with a mediocre performance of the Cha Cha dance, then we’re in a much more dire situation as a race that I thought.

  25. Valinda Neely

    Travis I love you BUT dont be a sore looser. You Sucked big time. Stop blaming others for your lack of dancing talent!!!!

  26. J. Courtney

    When Tavis first came on the scene, I “adopted” him…thought “There’s my boy…He’s gonna rise up to be one of the leaders among us.”
    He made his mistake when he became too full of himself, and when he alighed himself to Cornel West.
    That’s when I knew he was weak and…and that he didn’t do critical thinking. [After all, Cornel West talks big, and he talks Black…but he is obviously not what he puts out. He’s not on the up-and-up. He never mentioned or mentions that he “straddles the fence” in his private life. His wife (and so his “queen”) that he has been with for many years, is white. If he really thought Black was/ is so good, he would’ve been married to one. So he talks and presents himself for the “show,” for prestige, and for his imagined glory ….with his nasty-looking mouth and his dishelved appearance. Considering this, his loyalties have to be divided].
    That Tavis allowed himself to be suckered in and mentored by this man…and that he “stands with him on issues against the President, caused me to “give him up.” If he or Cornel West wanted to be President, they should’ve run for the office, and been elected. Since they didn’t, I don’t understand why they couldn’t be big and professional enough to join him in his efforts. They can’t dictate and run his show.
    Finally, Tavis knew he couldn’t dance (I’m sure that has been acknowledged many times to him). Just maybe he thought he could learn. Bu in that case, he could have accepted at another time, when he had time. He was soooo bad, had no rythm, stiff as a board, showed no excitement at all….he was simply out of place. He kept talking about “book tour,”….and nobody cared about that. People on there have other things going on all the time. They find a way. As far as I was concerned, I think they gave him a break. He should’ve been the first one to go. He brought nothing at all to the show. He needs to call it a day, and shut up now. Then maybe people will forget. He only embarasses himself more when he mentions it.

    • Unk

      I think you should be a little more honest with yourself. The fact is you loved Barack Obama and the idea of the first black president way more than you liked Tavis Smiley. If TS was ‘your boy’, you were with him when he first said he was going to come up with the “Black Agenda” to address all the issues that were important to the black community. TS said in the beginning that he would push whoever the candidates were to recognize the things that were in the CFBA book. You (like most black folks) fell so deeply in love with Obama that TS became a troublemaker standing in Obama’s way. Black people abandoned the idea of the ‘Black Agenda’ in droves to fully embrace Obama’s presidential run. You can’t claim TS isn’t a critical thinker when he was one of the only ones out there being critical of Obama. Not because of Cornel West, but because he said he would hold whoever became the presidential candidate accountable to the black community long before the presidential campaign begun (check SOBU event 2006).

      Tavis Smiley didn’t align himself with Cornel West until after the election was over and much of black America began hating him. Cornel West was a huge supporter of Obama during the campaign. But he said once he worked hard to get Obama elected, he would become his number one critic… and that’s exactly what he did. Tavis and Cornel became close because they were really the only two voices in the black community that had the courage to be critical of the president and some of his policies that adversely affected the poor and disenfranchised. Cornel West has ALWAYS been critical of presidential leadership and spoke out for the poor. He has never been on ‘the fence’ in that regard. And you should know Cornel West has been divorced from the wife you speak of for a number of years now. I’ve never seen a picture of her, but I know she is an African woman, so I’m not sure what hue she is. But the color of his wife doesn’t lessen his commitment to being a voice for the poor.

      Your distortion of the facts prove my point. You turning your back on TS is purely based on your love and admiration for Obama which is fine, but just be honest about what it is.

  27. MIA Vincent

    Why did the user remove the video. Tavis is imuch too heavy for that type of dance without a dedicated commitment. He should apologize for not committing to the show and his partner…then just move on…Was he promoting a book?

  28. William Leonard

    No one force you to be one the show. If you were too busy why did you waste your partner time. You need to stop blaming every one but your self. Your Book Tour was most important and you just didn’t fit in DWS. When you open your mouth things don’t come out positive unless it’s about you. You need to look in the mirror.


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