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Whoopi Goldberg is one of the few celebs defending Bill Cosby

Leave it to Whoopi Goldberg to go against the grain of public opinion.  Nearly everyone in America has been down on Bill Cosby, and he’s even going to lose his new show.  But Whoopi is speaking her mind and doesn’t care if she loses popularity because of it.

Goldberg’s basic position on the Cosby situation is that allegations are just allegations unless there is proof.  There are some who say that the number of accusers is a reminder that Cosby’s alleged assaults probably did occur.  Numerous women appear to be telling consistent stories about him drugging and raping them.

But the concern for those defending Cosby is that the allegations were many decades ago, and none of the accusers were able to press charges.  If a person is never arrested or charged for a crime, can you pretend that it didn’t happen? Did the police intimidate the women into not speaking out?  Why did many of the women continue to take money and trips from Cosby after he allegedly raped them?

An attorney might argue that all of these questions present enough reasonable doubt to let an old man live the rest of his years in peace.

Whoopi spoke on “The View” about Cosby’s most prominent accuser, Barbara Bowman, stating that she’d love to have her on the show so she could ask some hard questions.

“I have a lot of questions for [alleged victim Barbara Bowman], maybe she’ll come on,” she said.

“Quite honestly, look, I’m sorry, having been on both sides of this where people allege that you do something — it doesn’t matter now. The cat is out of the bag, people have it in their head,” Goldberg said. “I have a lot of questions for the lady, maybe she’ll come on.”

According to Bowman, Cosby slipped something into her drink when she had a glass of wine.

“I had one glass of wine and the next thing I knew, I was coming to slumped over the toilet,” Bowman said on Good Morning America.” “Who’s going to believe that? Bill Cosby? Doctor Huxtable?”

“Perhaps the police might have believed it,” Goldberg responded. “Or the hospital. Don’t you do a kit when you say someone has raped you?”

“But there was a settlement,” co-host Rosie O’Donnell explained. “So that’s the thing that’s curious.”

The tension between hosts on “The View” has continued throughout the week, and Goldberg doesn’t seem to be backing down.

Is there going to be a resolution to all of this?  Should Cosby be tried again for these offenses or is it too late for anyone to do anything?

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