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Why Are 1 In 4 HBCU Students Not Black?

The number of non-Black students who attend Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s) continues to climb.  Statistics show that the student body’s of these traditionally Black schools is changing, with an average of 1 in 4 students not being Black.  The statistics were compiled through research conducted by the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education.  There are multiple reasons this is happening, and here are some of them:

1. Legal Definition of HCBU

An HBCU is defined under the Higher Education Act of 1965 as a school “whose principal mission was, and is the education of Black Americans.”  What Congress did not define in this legislation is whether or not HBCU’s could continue to be classified as an HBCU if their historically Black student body changed to become mostly white.  This means that HBCU’s whose student body’s are made up of mostly white students are still able to receive federal funding meant to benefit Black students.

2. The Premature Declaration of a ‘Post-Racial World’

The election of Barack Obama is pointed to as a significant indication that we now live in a post=racial world where equal access and opportunity for Black people is the norm, making the concept of the HBCU irrelevant and even redundant.  This has perpetuated the notion that HBCU’s do not need to be preserved because they are no longer needed.  However, racial disparities still exist as evidenced by the fact that Black people still lag behind in quality-of-life indicators and education benchmarks compared to white people, meaning the declaration of a post-racial world is more a myth than a reality.

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5 thoughts on “Why Are 1 In 4 HBCU Students Not Black?

  1. Joyce

    The legacy of those Black that wanted ‘their’ children to have a college education is being sabotaged as always by…..
    Is there anything that Black have sacred? Blacks are blocked from non-Black universities & colleges due to the killing of Affirmative Action, not non-Blacks have figured out how to take more money from Black education.

    • Floyd

      During the 1970’s our public schools started integrating and after this happened, most of the Black schools were either converted to trade schools, all elementary schools or demolished. The changing of HBCU’s name as such
      and its culture is being dissolved if continued. I attended a majority white accredited university. However after my
      social experience at the school, I promised myself that my two children would attend an HBCU where they would have a bond to their university after graduation. There education was as good as any majority white university.
      I do not care of the HBCU’s are all white, we should never change its name because its our culture and link to our past.

      Take note that the change in completion of the HBCU’s is being caused by Asians more so than whites. For example Delaware ST. is heavily recruiting Chinese students and are being very successful. The Asians are not trying to change the HBCU’s, only the whites in this country. They have stolen enough from us and we need to stop it. They are living on the hard work of others, have been for centuries, they steal our culture, music, dress style, talk style, etc and reap the rewards. They have been profiting off the past ancient Egypt’s science, art
      and culture and not sharing it with others. They have raped Africa and are still trying to do same to reap the benefits without properly sharing with others. All of this they do in the name of God. This has to stop!!!

    • tony

      You make blacks seem so dumb when you say blacks can not attend non-Black universities & colleges due to the killing of Affirmative Action. Why can’t blacks get in on their own smarts and hard work?

  2. Virgie

    The more diverse the student population at HBCU schools can only be an asset to the success and recognition of the school. HBCU is open to whom soever will let them come.


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