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NFL player’s ex-wife says the league didn’t help when she was threatened

NFL wife Dewan Smith-Williams says the league fumbled badly when she called them for help during a terrifying encounter with her hulking husband, who was raging mad and armed with a baseball bat.

Wally Williams, then an offensive lineman for the New Orleans Saints, was reeling from a drug suspension in 2002, and the couple was fighting over his substance abuse, she told the Daily News Monday.

“He went and got a baseball bat and was hitting the walls and doors. I ran into a room, shut the door and called his NFL liaison to say I was really afraid,” she recalled in an exclusive interview.

“(The liaison) said, ‘Don’t call the police, we’ll handle it.’ They said I should let Wally leave and they’d call me back to check up on me,” she said. “That never happened.”

Smith-Williams said she called the NFL in her moment of need because a couple of years earlier, she had a bad experience with the local police.

“It was after his neck surgery. Wally threw my phone and tried to choke me. I called the police, and they stood there chatting about football and who would be picked in the draft,” she alleged. They persuaded her not to file a report, she said.

Smith-Williams remains married to her husband, but they live in separate states. The mother of four said she left her husband and moved to Ohio to get her master’s degree in mental health nursing.





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8 thoughts on “NFL player’s ex-wife says the league didn’t help when she was threatened

  1. Mela

    These hyped up, super-aggressive football players can be dangerous. Now let’s hear about all the white ones who’ve abused their girlfriends or wives.

  2. Carol

    Abuse is no joke. Women die everyday in this country because of it. A man has no right to put his hands on a woman. A man should leave period. The problem is these men are violent, & out of control. They cannot handle their tempers. Some are mentally unstable, & brutalize their wives or girlfriends for years. They are nothing but COWARDS who would be afraid to hit a man. They are Punks!

    • Trouble

      These men that hit women are mentally unstable just like you said. However, the question is why are there so many? The NFL and this country are hypocrites when it comes to men. On the one hand they want men to be aggressive on the field or in their everyday life if they want to be successful. Football players are the equivalent of gladiators in the Roman empire. They are thrust out there in the arena and told to go hit someone as hard as they can for as long as they can to try and win the “game”. They are trained to only focus on their sport if they want to make the big bucks. They are told to play even when they are injured and once they can no longer perform at the expected level they are kicked to the curb with no psychological counseling on how to integrate back into society. It’s the same thing with guys in the military who suffer from PTSD . Society pushes you to be the man by making more money but when things aren’t going well no one come to your aid. You are left to suffer by yourself and ultimately start hitting the bottle. Everyone around you then suffers because you had no safety net. This had driven some of these men to kill themselves let alone their family. So you can call them cowards all you want but until you walk in their shoes you should reserve judgment.

  3. jan

    I agree the no woman should be hit and no child brutalized but like every other topic? I dont see how we are addressing the issue as helping. Lets take the food out of everyones mouth to make the point.is it any wonder blacks have no faith in the system.alway too much!

  4. Objective Analysis

    Most people don’t realize that there is an 1824 Mississippi Supreme Court case, Bradley v. State, that legitimized domestic abuse and what was acceptable in society. The Mississippi Supreme Court stated the following in its opinion: “Family broils and dissentions cannot be investigated before the tribunals of the country, without casting a shade over the character of those who are unfortunately engaged in the controversy. To screen from public reproach those who may be thus unhappily situated, let the husband be permitted to exercise the right of moderate chastisement, in cases of great emergency, and use salutary restraints in every case of misbehavior, without being subjected to vexatious prosecutions, resulting in the mutual discredit and shame of all parties concerned.” See Bradley v. State, 1 Miss. 156 (MS 1824). Examples of moderate chastisement include the wife having bruises, being bloodied, or being raped by her husband. Bradley codified the rule under the old common law (or judge made law in England). Thank goodness Bradley was overruled in 1894 by the Mississippi Supreme Court in Harris v. State. See Harris v. State, 14 So. 266 (MS 1894). But, the lasting impacting of what has been acceptable as moderate chastisement as defined under the old common law and codified in American law and seems acceptable in American society is troubling.

  5. Objective Analysis

    Also, she does not have to wait for the NFL to do something. You can take initiative and protect yourself. You can go through the Civil Process (Ex parte order of protection of Adult Abuse) in each state and get an injunction against your abuser and if he/she violates it, then they are immediately sent to jail. If it is drastic, you can go the criminal route as well. Calling the NFL to handle domestic abuse is not it, hun. They worry about their football product, not your life. Take necessary legal action (which is free and you can ask the court without being disclosed) for protection. The resources are there.


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