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Wilson Kipsang of Kenya wins New York City Marathon, Mary Keitany triumphs on women’s side

Wilson Kipsang of Kenya won the 44th New York City Marathon Sunday with a thrilling show of dominance in the final stretch.

The 32-year-old gave second-place finisher Lelisa Desisa an icy glare after the Ethiopian knocked his elbow while trying to make a pass.

Kipsang gave his challenger a nasty glare and then turned on the afterburners, leaving Desisa in the dust.

Kipsang finished at 2:10:59, short of the record of 2:05:06 set in 2011.

“After that elbowing, he sped off. He pushed himself to the front. It was impressive,” said Eric Monsato, 38, of Queens.

Spectator Elizabeth Rodsch, 54, was in awe of the victor.

“He didn’t even look that tired. He looked like he could had run another 26 miles!” she said.

Mary Keitany, also of Kenya, finished first on the women’s side.

The 32-year-old triumphed in 2:25:07. The women’s record of 2:22:31 was set in 2003.

She hadn’t run a marathon since the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

Keitany gained speed 400 meters from the finish line, putting distance between her and second-place finisher Jemima Sumgong.

George Salzentein, 72, of France, said he had faith in her.

“She’s a great runner. She played it well. She was in second place and came on top at the last minute. She played it well.”

David Conine, 31, of Virginia, said the race was so close they both deserve top honors.

“When you see them both so close to each other at the finish line, they both won for me,” he said. “It’s exciting to watch.”




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