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Would this Bernie Mac Skit make people see him as another Bill Cosby?

Bernie Mac was considered one of the best black comedians in the country when he was alive.  He died too soon, but left an impact that will never be forgotten.

Mac was also one of the Original Kings of Comedy, doing a tour with DL Hughley, Steve Harvey and Cedric the Entertainer that went quite well.  This is a skit from when Mac appeared on Def Comedy Jam during the 1990s.  In the performance, he’s talking about “stealing p*ssy” from your wife while she’s asleep.

Mac says that men should wait till their wives or girlfriends are asleep and then slide her panties off while she’s asleep. Then, he says that you should “stir it like coffee” once you’ve penetrated the woman.

The performance is funny and the audience seems to love it.  But there a question:  How would people see this skit in the year 2014?   With all of the conversation about sexual assault, and no meaning no, it’s hard to believe that Mac would get away with a skit like this today.  Also, his concept of “taking it” from a woman while she’s asleep sounds a lot like the allegations against Cosby, with the main difference being that Cosby was accused of drugging women to make even sleepier and less alert than they would have been otherwise.

Watch it and tell us what you think.  Was Mac going too far with these jokes?  What would happen if he’d done a similar performance today?


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