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Ludacris Granted Physical Custody Of 13-Month-Old Daughter

Does this seem right to you? Maybe I’m just in this alone, but I do feel that the family courting system does have an unfair bias toward men who are fathers and of celebrity status. First Usher won custody of his …

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Black Principal Fires Teachers For Teaching Black History

Parents are furious after a black middle school principal has fired teachers for teaching Black History in her school. Howard University Middle School is a school that I guess you wouldn’t expect this type of thing …

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Woman Dies Moments After Boyfriends Proposal!

A woman recently died in Ibiza after falling over a cliff once she began to celebrate a marriage proposal that she had received from her boyfriend, just moments prior. Police say that she lost her balance when she …

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Lil Scrappy Beefing With Big Wendy Williams?

Lil Scrappy is mad! But does he have any right to be? After taking to his Instagram account yesterday to put Television host, Wendy Williams on blast for tearing down black people I can’t help but ask myself, ‘So …

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Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Being Sued By Former Nanny

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey can’t seem to stay out of the headlines. The two entertainers started out well with what seemed like a story book romance. The couple were well known for celebrating their …

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4 New Years Eve Eye Looks That Will Guarantee You A Kiss When The Ball Drops!

  By: Naturally Triece New Years parties and all of the Holiday activities give us women a great excuse to get up and go out. When going out we don’t want to look lame, we want to be fierce and fabulous …

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NaturallyTriece: 3 New Years Fashion Ideas To Die For

So, I’m sure if you like to turn up just as much as me then you will love this article. Everyone is into the golds and glittery colors for New Years Eve, so I thought that I would just give you guys a little …

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NaturallyTriece: 5 Best Natural Hair Products of 2014

By: Naturally Triece The year is almost done and I thought that it would be a good idea to give all of my natural and transitioning ladies a good lead into the 2015 year with some awesome ideas for what they can begin …

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