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French President Announces Deployment of 3,000 Troops to 5 Former Colonies

France’s president announced on Saturday that it is deploying 3,000 troops to five of its former colonies in an effort to fight terrorism. The Associated Press reports that President Francois Hollande named the …

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Omarion Thrown In Jail Right Before The Birth Of His New-Born Baby

Is it just me, or are a lot of rappers and singers getting locked up lately?  Among others, we’ve been hearing about Chris Brown, then Meek Mills, now the B2K veteran? Latest news is that former B2K lead singer …

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EMS Workers Under Investigation for Ignoring Black Man Dying on Sidewalk

Controversy erupted after a man dιed at the hands of a New York cop who administered an illegal chοke hold. Now there is new outrage over video showing that neither EMS nor police officers administered medical help to …

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11 year old among 22 people shot in Chicago this weekend

Two people were killed and 20 others were wounded in a rash of gun violence over the course of 12 hours in Chicago, two weeks after the city was rocked by gunfire over the Independence Day holiday. One of the victims …

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Universal Pictures apologizes for NWA biopic casting call – but is it enough?

Universal Pictures and Sande Alessi Casting have now both issued limp statements regarding the atrocious casting call for the upcoming NWA biopic. The casting call presented a hierarchy of black woman beauty that …

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A Letter to My White Stepmom

Before I delve too deeply into this, I want to remind you that I do love you. It is because I love you that I am writing this letter. It’s true that in typical teenage fashion, I replaced the sadness of my …

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Before killing man, NYPD cracked the head of an 84-year old for jaywalking

April V. Taylor The New York Daily News is reporting that a man has died while being arrested by the NYPD after officers put him in a chokehold and slammed his head against the pavement.  Eric Garner, a 43-year-old …

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Malcolm Jamal Warner Admits To Teenage Crush On “The Cosby Show” Sister Lisa Bonet

Share22 Tweet8 0 Email 3 Comment 0   tumblr stumble reddit The famous on screen compatibility of “The Cosby Show” family of actors made for one heck of a ride for viewers. But behind the scenes, teenage …

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The Stereotypical Role WWE Star Mark Henry Refused To Play

In the 62 years since the WWE began, there has only been one black heavyweight champion: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who is half black, half Samoan, and the disturbing fact has recently gained national media …

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My Man’s Ex Won’t Stop Hanging Out With His Mom

Dear Demetria: My boyfriend’s ex is still close with his mother. She even calls her “Mom.” They have been broken up for over a year, and he says they no longer communicate. Am I wrong for wanting this …

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