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Mumia Abu-Jamal gets the honor of being a commencement speaker

This decision isn’t going to sit well with some.  But since many Americans now believe that police are no better than a common street gang, the public sentiment has turned against them.  This has bred more …

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Bill Cosby didn’t want to be labeled a “black comedian”

Bill Cosby’s past has been recently reviewed in a new book by Mark Whitaker called “Cosby: His life and times.”  The book talks about how Cosby didn’t want to be labeled as a black comedian and …

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Education: By Any Means Necessary

Howard Fuller, the renowned educator and co-founder of the Black Alliance for Educational Options, has fought for equal education rights for decades. He also believes that America lies to its children. “I think we …

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You’ll be shocked to see how many programs The Black Panther Party Created over time

American propaganda will have you believing that black people are dangerous and scary, all the time.  They also work very hard to discredit legitimate organizations that only want to promote peace, prosperity and …

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#JusticeforAvaLynn Photos Go Viral and the web helps her

Disturbing images of a little girl who was attacked at her school playground go viral. In the midst of of your usual perusal of comical instagram memes, vines and videos, a frightening image of babygirl, AvaLynn most …

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ACT Scores For Black Kids Are Extremely Troubling

By: Krystle Crossman For the first time in history it is projected that this upcoming school year will be made up with a majority of the student body being minority students. Unfortunately this is bringing to light some …

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Man gets his diploma at 73 after losing it for fighting segregation

If you are ever unsure about whether or not black people deserve reparations, you only need to look at stories like this one.  This happened in Illinois, not very long ago.  Imagine how much income one can lose over …

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Michelle Obama Promotes Girls’ Education at YALI Summit

Focusing on the importance of having a substantive conversation about girls’ education in Africa Wednesday afternoon, First Lady Michelle Obama (pictured) spoke with an audience of 500 participants in President …

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United Negro College Fund keeps getting heat for taking Republican Money

Rush Limbaugh attacked them as “lunatics” running a “plantation” for black “slaves.” Another right-winger claimed a “white” union president was out to hurt “disadvantaged black youth,” even though …

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My Brother’s Keeper: Stop Writing Letters and Do the Work

by Dr. Walter Kimbrough – President, Dillard University Over the past few days my Twitter feed has buzzed about the letter signed by 1,000 women and girls urging President Barack Obama to broaden his My …

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