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NY Times TV Critic attacked for insulting Shonda Rhimes

This week was one of controversy, after a New York Times television critic referred to Shonda Rhimes as an “angry black woman.”  This has led to a petition being filed by ColorOfChange.org and outrage all …

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New Black Spinoff of “The Daily Show” is testing the waters on race

Larry Wilmore is the host of a new show called “The Minority Report.”  He says that he’s ready for a black host to achieve prominence in a late-night spot on television.  Adding a comedic twist to …

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Vikings back-pedal on previous agreement not to take Adrian Peterson off the field

In response to pressure from their corporate sponsors, the Minnesota Vikings have taken Adrian Peterson off the field.  The team announced that, as of 2 am Wednesday morning, Peterson was going to removed from all team …

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Bill Cosby didn’t want to be labeled a “black comedian”

Bill Cosby’s past has been recently reviewed in a new book by Mark Whitaker called “Cosby: His life and times.”  The book talks about how Cosby didn’t want to be labeled as a black comedian and …

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Critic says Chris Brown’s new album is a disturbing reflection of an abuser

This week has been a bad one for black men in public.  Chris Brown was one of the first in recent years to be accused of beating his ex-girlfriend Rihanna in a very public case of domestic violence.  He has now become …

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Misty Copeland is one of the most significant female athletes of our time

On a recent August afternoon, near Nineteenth Street, two young girls with blond hair pulled back in ponytails ran past me, one of them calling out, “Daddy, Daddy, I just saw Misty Copeland!” The tone of voice might …

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Kanye West accused of humiliating a fan in a wheelchair

People have called Kanye West arrogant in the past, and this might take the cake.  When Ye demanded that everyone in the crowd stand up to hear one of his songs, he publicly humiliated two of his concert goers by …

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Idris and Taraji score a mega-hit with “No Good Deed”

It looks like Idris Elba and Taraji P. Henson have stumbled upon a box office winner. Their new film, “No Good Deed” was at the top of the Friday box office with $8.8 million on the first night of its …

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Lenny Kravitz On His New Album ‘Strut’ And His Dream Of Working With Prince

This year has proven to be a monumental one for Lenny Kravitz. Not only did the funk-rock multi-instrumentalist celebrate his 50th birthday in May, he’s also marking the release of his 10th studio album, …

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Iyanla “Fixes” the life of a man with 34 kids by 17 different women

Iyanla Vanzant was both praised and criticized recently for heading to Ferguson, Missouri to do a show in the middle of the Michael Brown protests.  Some said that she should be honored for seeking to help the …

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