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Dr Umar Johnson explains why many black kids decide to be gay

Do you believe that being gay is something that people are born with, or can it be a choice?  Some have heard stories of young women who are abused as children by one of their mother’s boyfriends or by a male …

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#JusticeforAvaLynn Photos Go Viral and the web helps her

Disturbing images of a little girl who was attacked at her school playground go viral. In the midst of of your usual perusal of comical instagram memes, vines and videos, a frightening image of babygirl, AvaLynn most …

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The Difference Between Being Overweight And Obese

According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, in 2011, African Americans were 1.5 times as likely to be obese as Non- Hispanic Whites. In particular, African American women have the highest rates of …

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7 Things You Need To Do On An Elliptical Machine

Want a no-nonsense, low-impact workout that can potentially burn crazy calories? Just jump on the elliptical! But, before you do…read the below tips first to make sure you’re actually getting the most out of that …

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Food Writers Subpoenaed In “Pink Slime” Lawsuit Against ABC

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) — Several food writers, including a New York Times reporter, have been subpoenaed by a meat producer as part of its $1.2 billion defamation lawsuit against ABC in regards to the network’s …

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Peace Corps Pulls Volunteers From West Africa Amid Ebola Virus Outbreak

The Ebola virus crisis in West Africa is so hard-hitting that humanitarian organizations like the Peace Corps announced Wednesday that they are pulling their volunteers out of Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea …

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Liberian President Announces New Anti-Ebola Measures

MONROVIA, Liberia — Liberia’s president has closed all but three land border crossings, restricted public gatherings, and quarantined communities heavily affected by the Ebola outbreak in the West African nation. …

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Hepatitis C: 5 Facts Every African American Needs To Know

What is hepatitis C? According to the CDC, hepatitis C is a contagious liver disease that ranges in severity from a mild illness lasting a few weeks to a serious, lifelong illness that attacks the liver. It is caused by …

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Girls With Sole ‘brings the happiness’ out of girls through fitness

Six days a week, Liz Ferro packs up her car and drives throughout Cleveland to teach young women yoga, swimming and other fitness-based activities. But it isn’t all about breaking a sweat. “It washes away …

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Could This Chicago Teen Cure Colon Cancer Someday?

ASHBURN — Keven Stonewall likes to say “innovation doesn’t have an age,” which makes sense considering the 19-year-old could be on his way to curing colon cancer. Working at a Rush University lab …

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