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Church drummer killed by police; Family can’t get answers from cops

A family is looking for answers after a young black man was killed by the police in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The incident occurred early Sunday morning on Interstate 95 and has left the community confused and …

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Watch: The Harlem Shake, Obama style

This video might bring back some memories.  It’s pretty funny actually.  Take a look.   [brid video=”17753″ player=”3342″ title=”Harlem Shake (Barack Obama

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Raven Symone’s father blasts her for her comments on “The View”

After a recent controversy over remarks she made on “The View,” Christopher Pearman, Symone’s father, has taken his daughter to task, while only partially defending his child for her comments.  Symone …

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Watch: Raven Symone says she would not hire someone with a “ghetto-sounding” name

Raven Symone has further alienated herself from the African American community.  Her latest comments might be an all-time low.  Take a listen.   [brid video=”17728″ player=”3342″ …

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Dr Claud Anderson: “Obama has been Clarence Thomas in the White House”

Dr Claud Anderson paid a visit to The Black Business School recently.  Speaking with Finance professor Dr Boyce Watkins, Anderson spoke to the impact that the Obama Administration has had on the African American …

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Listen to Stephen A Smith call NBA star Kevin Durant a liar

Stephen A Smith is very unhappy with NBA star Kevin Durant.  Take a look at what he has to say.   [brid video=”17379″ player=”3342″

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12-year old’s description of racism will break your heart

  April V. Taylor Being 12-years-old is difficult for many pre-teens as they sit awkwardly between being a child and a teenager.  Most pre-teens are just beginning to question authority and develop their own sense …

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Fourth of July Teen fight leads to death of 14-year old boy

The fourth of July can be a complex time for members of the black community.  First, there is the pain of remember that your ancestors were not free on the original independence day. Secondly, there is the confusion …

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Venus vs. Serena at Wimbledon: We’ve seen it before, and it’s awesome

Venus and Serena Williams are true legends in their own right.  Both of these amazing women are at the top of the sports world and from the looks of it, neither of them will ever grow old.  At least that’s the …

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Marilyn Mosby: ‘I’m Not Conflicted About Charging the Freddie Gray Cops. I Did the Right Thing’

Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby has filed charges against the officers accused in the death of Freddie Gray.  She says that she’s not holding back and she’s not afraid.  Mosby’s face was on TV …

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