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Abraham Lincoln didn’t want black people in the United States

April V. Taylor Black people have been taught for years that their freedom is due in large part to Abraham Lincoln and his signing of the Emancipation Proclamation.  What many fail to realize is that Lincoln never …

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People Magazine apologizes for racially-offensive tweets

Thursday night was the night built for black consumers, who watch more TV than anyone else in the country.  It was the night of the premier of the shows “Scandal” and “How to get away with …

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Black Girls Murdered (But Do YOU Care?)

Two teen girls were found dead in Duval County, Florida and now, we wait for answers and the predictable lack of outrage from people who might typically deem a double murder to be cause for such. According to local ABC …

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The Parents Of Trayvon Martin And Jordan Davis Are Helping Michael Brown’s Family Cope

It’s been over a month since 18-year-old Michael Brown Jr. was shot and killed in Ferguson, Missouri, by police officer Darren Wilson, and the Brown family have questions but few answers. Weeks ago, their attorneys …

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AG Holder’s Legacy Praised At CBC Conference

Upon news Thursday that Attorney General Eric Holder would step down from his post, participants at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s ongoing annual conference paused to reflect on his legacy on civil rights …

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Watch: Father Tased While Trying to Pray Over Dead Stepson

Two years ago, Pittsburgh native Mileek Grissom, 23, was shot and rushed to UPMC Mercy hospital. After learning of the shooting, Grissom’s stepfather, the Rev. Earl Baldwin Jr., was the first of his family to arrive …

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Viola Davis Responds to Being Called ‘Less Classically Beautiful’: ‘You Define You’

During a Thursday appearance on The View, Viola Davis fired back at the New York Times writer who recently said she was “less classically beautiful.” Last week, in an article that received plenty of backlash, …

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Ferguson police chief marches with protesters calling for his resignation; aggravated crowd turns violent

Ferguson’s police chief thought marching with protesters demanding for his resignation would ease ire surrounding Michael Brown’s August killing. It made things worse. A Thursday night march in the St. Louis suburb …

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NBA Star Derrick Rose donates a million dollars to the teens of Chicago

Derrick Rose of The Chicago Bulls has been working overtime to be an MVP both on and off the court.  He comes from a tough part of Chicago and hasn’t left behind those who are affected by the same things he went …

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Ads referring to Octavia Spencer as a “scary b*tch” have been removed

Octavia Spencer is known for taking roles that pay the bills, no matter how the imagery affects black women in media.  However, a recent role, where she’s being put on ads and labeled a “scary b*tch” …

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