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Baltimore cops caught on video beating suspect, officer suspended

A police officer in Baltimore is now in serious trouble for a beating that was caught on camera.  The officer has been suspended and the department is facing a $5 million dollar lawsuit after being caught beating a man …

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Here’s why Joan Rivers banned Michelle Obama from her funeral

Most of the nation remembers that, shortly before her untimely death, Joan Rivers said something that would be considered highly disrespectful of First Lady Michelle Obama.  During an interivew in which she was asked …

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In Whose Garden Did the Harlem Renaissance Grow?

Nearly a century ago, out of the bitter soil of Jim Crow segregation and the First World War, sprang one of the most creative—and socially conscious—artistic flowerings in the history of the United States. The …

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The Klan is giving away free candy as part of their recruitment drive

By Nigel Boys It appears that there is no lack of unscrupulous individuals who will try to turn any tragedy into an opportunity.  The recent events in Ferguson, Missouri, over the shooting of unarmed African-American …

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You’ll be shocked to see how many programs The Black Panther Party Created over time

American propaganda will have you believing that black people are dangerous and scary, all the time.  They also work very hard to discredit legitimate organizations that only want to promote peace, prosperity and …

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This might be why people say Bill O’Reilly is a bigot and race hustler

Only a man as audacious as Bill O’Reilly would look at the 400 year legacy of racism in America and then say that white privilege doesn’t exist.  But this is also how he makes his money and why he’s …

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Ben Carson and Jesse Jackson have a heated debate over Ferguson

By Dr. Sinclair Grey III Dr. Ben Carson, the potential Republican presidential candidate for 2016 and the Rev. Jesse Jackson had an interesting debate on this past Sunday on Fox News discussing what’s happening in …

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Cornel West goes to war with Sean Hannity over Israeli racism

Dr Cornel West is known for being a man who speaks his mind, no matter who is in the room.  So, you can expect that he’s going to be in for a battle when facing off with the notorious Sean Hannity on Fox News. …

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60% of African-Americans Approve of Obama’s Ferguson Response

Although President Obama has received some criticism for not going to Feruson, MO after unarmed teen Michael Brown was gunned down by a police officer, a new poll shows that the majority of African Americans are …

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Will Events In Ferguson Spark A New Civil Rights Movement?

There is so much controversy behind the tragic death of 18-year-old Michael Brown. The riots in Ferguson are still happening with no sign of them ceasing anytime soon, and people all over the world are starting …

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