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Reggie Miller’s 16-year old niece is safe and sound after being reported missing

Teenagers do crazy things when they’re young and end up worrying the adults around them half to death.  Reggie Miller’s 16-year old niece Nikki Miller went missing for a complete 17 hours, sending Reggie …

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NFL player who shot his girlfriend had serious brain damage

The recent domestic violence incidents that have plagued the NFL have come to light and drawn scrutiny over the league’s poor response to brain trauma issues that are faced by players.  Jovan Belcher, a 25-year …

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Kenya’s Dennis Kimetto Breaks World Marathon Record In Berlin

BERLIN (AP) — Dennis Kimetto knocked 26 seconds off the world marathon record Sunday as the sub-two hour mark moved a step closer. The 30-year-old Kenyan won the 41st edition of the Berlin Marathon in 2 hours, 2 …

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NBA Star Derrick Rose donates a million dollars to the teens of Chicago

Derrick Rose of The Chicago Bulls has been working overtime to be an MVP both on and off the court.  He comes from a tough part of Chicago and hasn’t left behind those who are affected by the same things he went …

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Player headbutted his wife when she confronted him about another woman

Police say that Jonathan Dwyer of the Arizona Cardinals broke his wife’s nose during an argument by head-butting the woman in the face.  This is the most recent embarrassment for the NFL, which is already …

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Tennis Coach wants Chicago to take over black tennis scene

When 33-year-old Kamau Murray first told his parents he wanted to buy out and take over the Chicago tennis center where he himself took up the sport, going so far in the sport as to earn a full-ride college scholarship, …

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Vikings back-pedal on previous agreement not to take Adrian Peterson off the field

In response to pressure from their corporate sponsors, the Minnesota Vikings have taken Adrian Peterson off the field.  The team announced that, as of 2 am Wednesday morning, Peterson was going to removed from all team …

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Before Jackie Robinson, four broke NFL color line

Jackie Robinson wasn’t the only black pioneer in professional sports, just as Billie Jean King wasn’t the sole trailblazer among women. For some reason, our society needs to anoint exactly one martyred saint per …

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Cris Carter Takes A Stand Against Child Abuse And Reveals What NFL Players Truly Respect

Cris Carter believes there is no place in the home for corporal punishment and no place for abusers on an NFL field. In an emotional, personal monologue delivered on ESPN’s “Sunday NFL Countdown,” the …

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Ray Rice’s wife says that the media has ruined her life and hurt her family

Janay Rice, wife of embattled NFL star Ray Rice, has been in the middle of a great deal of controversy as of late.   The Rice’s were involved in a domestic altercation in an elevator that received national …

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