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Politico Piece Suggests Obama Assassination Would Be His Fault

In a Politico Magazine essay titled, “Something Is Rotten in the Secret Service: And Obama’s life is in danger because of it,” writer Ronald Kessler suggests that if President Barack Obama is assassinated, he …

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Young Mother Vanishes After Cryptic Phone Call To Family

This story was reported by NewsOne.com, but is important.  Many young black women go missing every year and the mainstream media doesn’t report it.  So, you should share this young ladies image with everyone you …

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Obama Rode Elevator With Armed Man With Criminal Record

President Barack Obama is already receiving more death threats than any president in American history.  The country is more divided than ever, and gun sales went up because he was elected to serve in the White House. …

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Protect and Serve? Pregnant Woman Thrown, Held Belly-Down BY NYPD [video]

BY:  John “Hennry” Harris For the second time n a week a NYPD officer from the 72nd Precinct has been caught on video roughing up citizens in Brooklyn. The graphic video shows the officer manhandling a visibly …

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Did Lincoln want to send black people back to Africa?

Editor’s note: For those who are wondering about the retro title of this black-history series, please take a moment to learn about historian Joel A. Rogers, author of the 1934 book 100 Amazing Facts About the Negro …

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Ravens dump Ray Rice after video emerges of elevator punch

NFL superstar Ray Rice is learning the hard way that violence doesn’t pay.  After being seen on video punching his fiancee, he has been dropped by the Baltimore Ravens.  The team had been challenged to get rid …

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How Could a Man as Tall as Darren Wilson Have Feared Michael Brown’s Height? | breakingbrown.com

Discredited “financial analyst” Ben Stein said on NewsmaxTV that Michael Brown was armed with his “ incredibly strong, scary self,”  when he was gunned down by Officer Darren Wilson, but judging from recent …

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Man kills his wife outside daycare, then himself

Bad relationships can cost you everything, and when children are involved, you have to be extremely careful.  This woman’s life is now over because of an abusive relationship, highlighting the problems with …

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#JusticeforAvaLynn Photos Go Viral and the web helps her

Disturbing images of a little girl who was attacked at her school playground go viral. In the midst of of your usual perusal of comical instagram memes, vines and videos, a frightening image of babygirl, AvaLynn most …

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Suge Knight Will Recover After Being Shot 6 Times

It seems as if Death Row Records founder Suge Knight is pretty invincible because he was still able to walk out of 1OAK in West Hollywood on his own two feet after being shot six times during a party at the club on …

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